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2021 Virtual Variety Show


Welcome one and all to the 2021 Lucas Valley Elementary Variety show!! 


We wanted to create a show that is reflective of our pandemic world, and so we decided that it will be a Virtual Variety Show. Let’s get to the details!


When is this all happening?

  • Submissions are open on Monday, April 26 through Friday, May 7th

  • We will be sending you a link to the final show for you to watch on May 28th

How will it work?

  • What is this? Kids will create a video act (think TikTok style) showcasing their many skills

  • What kind of act? Think dancing, singing, magic tricks, painting, comedy routine, dramatic monologue, juggling, yo-yo tricks, mime, gymnastics, reciting poetry, playing an instrument, and anything else that gets their creativity out!

  • What format should this be? We are looking for vertical style video, to maintain consistency across all content.

  • How long do they need to be? We have a limit of <1 minute.

  • Can they be group acts? YES! There will be a “lead student”, but we will have a field in the submission form allowing more names to be included.

  • How many videos can we submit? We will have a limit of 1 video per student.

  • How do I get it to you? We will provide you with a form on Monday morning, April 27th, where you can upload your video (both on  a computer as well as your phone!)

What happens then?

  • After Friday, May 7th, all options for entries will be closed.

  • We have the amazing tech students at Miller Creek Middle school who will take all the videos and create a playlist of acts!

  • On Friday morning, May 28th, you’ll all get a link with a video page (password protected) that you can use to access all the playlists!

  • How to make this more fun? Have a virtual watch party with your friends!!




Tips for great content

  • Have an iPhone? Did you know there’s a free app called “Clips”? It’s made by Apple and it lets you do filters, music, and lots of other fun things that you can then save on your camera roll. On Android, there’s a free app called Funimate Video Effects Editor with similar capabilities.


  • Be careful if you’re outside - wind noise can make the content inaudible.


  • Fun article on taking great videos of your kids.