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heart walk

Join our Art Walk!  May 22 - 31st

HeARTwalk is an outdoor, heart themed Art Exhibition created by our Miller Creek District Elementary & Middle School students! Join in this family fun activity and connect with our school community. This year our students are taking the annual art shows outside!! 

In lieu of the art show this year, we are doing an HeARTwalk! A celebration of your artistic talent to close out the year. Hearts are a true symbol of love and kindness. Let’s make our love visible.

We invite you to express your artistic imagination through your “Heart Work.”  Our district art team has collaborated to create these fun and engaging lesson plans with you. Choose one of these ideas to inspire you or create your own. 


Ms. Linsey's Lesson Plan: Ms. Linsey's Art Heart Ideas!

Instructions- Create your heart- make it BIG and BOLD! 

Because of social distancing you want your neighbors to enjoy your art from far away.

  • Place the heart on the front door or somewhere visible from the street on May 22nd. 

  • Keep the artwork up until May 31st to allow friends and neighbors to enjoy it.

  • Take a photo and drop it in the CanDO dropbox folders so that your art can be a part of our online gallery!

  • Lucas Valley Dropbox