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Equity & Inclusion

2020-2021 Equity and Inclusion TEAM

DEI Purpose

Established in 2016-2012, this team recognize that a diverse school community alone is not enough. We seek to build on this commitment by striving to create a truly inclusive school: one where students and adults are welcomed and supported, and where their faces, voices, and experiences are reflected and valued. We believe that the work of inclusion is a responsibility held by all and done for all, person to person

​Lucas Valley programs & events where students and adults are welcomed and supported: Welcoming Schools, Kindness Week, Life-skills/ Assemblies, Beyond Differences- No One Eats Alone, Professional Development- Courageous Conversations, Multicultural Festival, and Mindful Practices

We will meet at least four times per year to provide site engagement that generates actions in support of the District equity statement.

Our Lion DEI Committee will support the District Equity Statement by:

  • Promoting and celebrating diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in a variety of ways including school-wide gatherings, cultural events, workshops, parent education, and community conversations.

  • Providing all members of the community with a supportive space and the tools to learn about, discuss and ask questions about issues and topics related to diversity and identity.

  • Collaborating with the District Equity Committee

  • Serving as a liaison between our Home and School Club parent organization, School Site Council, and the District Equity Committee. 

Membership: These gatherings are open to all members of the community at all times.

Core Team:  Alex Stadtner, Ali deGuia Bumgarner, Alonya Van Rooyen, Amanda Havel, Barrett Schaefer, Emily Shaw, Jason Lau, Jonathan Segev, Katie McDonnell, Kelly Phipps, Lindsey Kirk, Melissa Monterrosa, and Will Anderson.

Link to Agendas: January 13th, January 27th, March 3rd, March 31st, and May 5th.

District Equity Committee Information

 2/25 + 4/29, 4:00-5:30 

The Miller Creek District Equity Committee is a superintendent’s committee that meets four times per year to provide an opportunity for districtwide engagement that generates actions in support of the District equity statement.

General meetings of the District Equity Committee will include shared reading/learning, site based committee reports, a district report, and a subcommittee report.

Subcommittees are composed of two representatives per school site, including a district employee and parent/guardian, and two representatives from the district office. Subcommittee areas of interest will be determined by the District Equity Committee and may include policies that are related to personnel, grading, discipline, curriculum, etc. 

The District Equity Committee will form two subcommittees annually to consider two areas of policy by reviewing the policy with the Equity Tool, identifying and reviewing relevant data to determine if the policy supports equitable practices, and provide recommendations to the superintendent, including review and feedback of input for the Local Control Accountability Plan

First Action and Outcomes:

  1. Develop and administer a survey to identify staff, student, and community needs and priorities.

  2. Identify the policy area of which to form the first subcommittee.

District Equity Policy

The Miller Creek School District believes diversity is an asset, values every student, and is committed to building communities where students thrive. In order to do so, we must recognize systemic disparities in opportunities and outcomes and dedicate resources to address those disparities. 

The Miller Creek School District: 

  • Raises equity consciousness of staff, students, parents, and community members so that we examine biases and eliminate inequitable practices.

  • Uses equity-minded pedagogy and assessments to ensure individual student growth and accelerate the growth of students who have been historically underserved through commitment of resources.

  • Uses equity-minded practices when making decisions, approving policy, hiring personnel, and developing and evaluating programs. 


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Want to learn more?
Please contact Mr. Anderson, Principal at Lucas Valley Elementary for more info and how to get involved!