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LVE Home & School Club

Welcome back!

Dear Lucas Valley School Families,


As Co-Presidents of this year's Home and School Club, Sandy Stern and I (Sivan Oyserman) want to extend a warm welcome back to all returning families and a big WELCOME to all new families.

As the 2020-2021 HSC Board Co-Presidents, we are both so proud and honored to be working with an amazing group of parents this year on the Home and School Club.

While these past 6 months have been like nothing any of us could have predicted, we hope that everyone took advantage of the break that the summer provided us. This year will start off virtually with the traditional events and community building done virtually, and we hope to find new ways to support our PRIDE (kids, families, and teachers).  

Included with this welcome packet are several pieces of information and resources to help get you oriented and prepared for your first day of school. Please click on each hyperlink to be taken to the documents listed. 

2020-2021 Lucas Valley Home and School Club Officer Roster

Can Do! Foundation Facts / ¡Puede hacer! Hechos fundamentales

Can Do! Shop & Give / ¡Puede hacer! Comprar y regalar

CanDo! Amazon Smile / ¡Cuando! Sonrisa Amazónica 

Lucas Valley Wear 

Birthday Book Club

Lucas Valley Lunch Information

Virtual Ice Cream Social


As the new school year begins, there will be a lot of meetings / emails / paperwork that will be coming through. Some things may “slip through the cracks” or “disappear” in your mailbox. If that happens, please visit the school’s website for information. The LVE Home & School Club section of our website will have all the information that is listed above and more!!!

We know that everyone is stretched to the max between work / home / distance learning, but if you feel like you have a little time to spare, we are always looking for help with our events.  Opportunities include helping convert community events, our amazing Book Fair, the super fun Variety Show, Movie in the Valley, and more virtual events!!  We are happy to match your time constraints, abilities/special talents, and interests, so please reach out to us and let us know where you would like to help. 

With the virtual nature of this school year, participating in the monthly Lucas Valley Home and School Club meetings (LVEHSC) has never been easier!  This year all of our meetings will be held virtually on the First Wednesday of the month. The first HSC meeting of the year is Wednesday, September 2nd (time TBD). All meeting dates / agenda / meeting links will be uploaded here. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or need any assistance during your transition, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you and welcoming you in person or via Zoom to Lucas Valley Elementary.


Go Lucas Valley Lions!

Sivan     Sandy      Franco      Crissy     Noelle

Current Sign Ups GEniuses

Lucas Valley Lunches

HSC Board Meetings (20/21)

First Wednesday of the month at
7 PM (virtual events)

September 2nd
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd
January 6th (due to break)
February 3rd
March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 2nd

Executive Board

Sivan Oyserman, Sandy Stern

Franco Ruggeri

Noelle Italiano

Treasurer/Financial Secretary
Crissy Sauter


Lucas Valley Wear
Alona Van Rooyen

Lucas Valley Garden / Chickens
Alex Stadtner, Rustie Kaster, & Erik Burke

Lucas Valley Lunches
Erin Deeds

Ice Cream Social & Pumpkin Grams

Book Fair
Shital Petal

Rahul Richhi

Room Parent Coordinator
Karsson Hevia

Birthday Book Club
Jackie Berringer

Sivan Oyserman

Paw Prints
Shital Patel

Eco Kids
Lisa Clark

Community Liaison

Teacher / Staff Appreciation Lunches

Yearbook Team
Andrew Pang

Will Anderson, Karsson Hevia, Sivan Oyserman, Franco Ruggeri