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"The Pride" Family Newsletter, March 16th, 2020
Posted 3/15/20




We miss your children already...

We know this is hard. All of us are broken up about this shift in our learning environment. It is not right that children at this age should be exposed to such things. That being said, there are a few links below to help you navigate the discussions. Our teachers have had many as well. Our staff has been extraordinarily professional, nurturing, and thoughtful regarding this sudden change of events. It is hard to put into words what that means to me. 


Our teachers have been diligently planning for this closure and will be in touch with you about their overarching plan. The reason for the delay in communication is to ensure we have the latest information and that we are prepared to embark with efficiency and care, not panic and with chronic emails. We promise to provide the most up to date meaningful information as it crosses our desks and will leave the rest for teacher/home communication. See below for questions that may surface...


Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child learn during this time? Teachers intend to use a variety of tools to support learning ranging from hard copy materials to online resources. They have been busily educating themselves about virtual teaching strategies and preparing how to carry out lessons via platforms such as Google Classroom and Google Chat/Meet/Hangout. Many teachers practiced "checking-in" techniques with students on Friday once the official word of closure was shared. They acted quickly and with great composure. Your teacher will be communicating with you soon.


Who is providing virtual teaching training? Fortunately, we have several experts at both the site and at the district level, who have been leading the charge. Last week we set aside time with both administrative and staff teams to explore and become familiar with this style of teaching and learning. We have also postponed this Monday's long-awaited Writing Professional Development to allow for teaching teams to augment their understanding of these tools. Our teams are rallying around this single objective and are galvanizing, not surprisingly, quickly.


Will teachers be communicating learning expectations? Yes. Teachers will be in touch with all of you regularly and will share their expectations for work, time, communication, etc. At the conclusion of Monday's meeting, we will have a clearer picture. Know that one of our goals is to create a sense of continuity throughout this period of time. This will help with your child's emotional and academic state. Please follow your teacher's guidelines as closely as you are able.


Will COVID-19 updates be provided? Yes. As we learn more we will be in touch, especially as relates to our school and community. Communication at this time is vital. A vital part of all of this is Social Distancing. Be mindful of this in your day to day activities. If we all act accordingly, this will help minimize the impact.


For those who cannot work from home, this is going to be challenging. Yes, and we wish it were otherwise. This is new for all of us. Work with neighbors, friends, and family to help support child care at this time. We do understand.


How will I gather the materials from my child's teacher

After Monday's PD, teachers will be in touch with all of you about accessing materials.


Will my child be expected to be on technology all day?

No. We all agreed that staring at a computer each day does not seem reasonable nor safe. Lessons may be shared via tech with some requiring this tool and some requiring creative ingenuity.


Will our Can Do specialists and Music department be providing lessons?

Yes. TK-2 music, TK-5 PE, TK-5 Art, and 3-5 music departments will be sharing lessons with teachers who will push out through their communication. 


Will the campus be open during the school closure?

No, the campus will be closed during this period of time to support Social Distancing recommendations.


My child receives free lunch daily so how will that be provided?

They will be provided Monday-Friday at 12:00 pm, on frot of the school starting Tuesday, March 17th

  • Mary E. Silveira Elementary School: 375 Blackstone Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903
  • Vallecito Elementary School: 50 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael, CA 94903 

Thought-provoking articles to review

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Social Distancing

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School Closure affected events

  • Walkathon rescheduled for April 22nd, Earth Day.

  • March 27th 4th Grade play rescheduled - Stay tuned. 

  • Coloma canceled or postponed - Stay tuned

  • Report Cards - Stay tuned for distribution protocol

Links and Updates

Rainbow Rumble Walkathon

While Rainbow Rumble pledges are deeply needed to support classrooms and teacher supplies for next year, please collect them with an abundance of caution. Do not collect pledges if this at all involves meeting folks face to face. Do this through phone calls, emails, and other online social platforms. Social Distancing is certainly one of the more important parts we can all play at this time. If everyone follows this same protocol, things will change at a faster rate. 


New walking date: Wednesday, April 22nd, same time and place.


Link to pledge pageLink to 99 Pledges


Prizes: Three day Disney land pass, razor scooters, 4 lower level tickets to any giants game, Nintendo switch lite, passes to the academy of science, Silbermans, passes to Oakland and SF zoos, horseback riding lesson, swim team gear, Pool passes, Principal for the day, pizza party with Mr. Anderson and your friends, and mini-golf with Mr. Anderson and his son Jude!


Our Goal: $35,000 Jump right in and help support. 

The start date for the 2020-2021 school year

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Adopted Student Calendar for the 2020-2021 school year