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"The Pride" Family Letter, May 18th, 2020
Posted 5/15/20


Appreciations to all of you for supporting our 5th-grade team as they led a pretty slick virtual version of Outdoor Education!

Hello everyone!

With the week's slipping by and the year drawing to a close, I want you to know that our Miller Creek District team is very far from exhaling. The work is only ramping up as we look specifically towards the planning phases for the close of the year, our graduating class of 2020, summer, and our start in August.


We are busy organizing teams to explore the most rationale of options before us knowing that everything, of course, depends upon the word/guidance from the health department.


Daily, I am reminded of how much I miss our team of students, teachers, and families, gathering in one place, walking/biking to school in the morning, chatting, laughing, connecting, sharing, smiling, growing, and learning. But I am confident that we will climb out of this and in some format or another, will persevere in whatever condition we are placed within. 


Keep a stiff upper lip (always loved that line but not entirely sure what that means??), breathe, and keep things in perspective. Most of us are safe with a roof over our heads, food on our tables, some level of income, and a network of friends and families. I remind myself when I am down, to be grateful, and to keep an eye out on those less fortunate.


Much love to you all!

HEART WALK, MAY 22nd-31st

Join HeARTwalk, an outdoor Art Exhibition created by our 

Miller Creek District Elementary students!


Walk our school neighborhood & enjoy our Lucas Valley students' creative talents!  

From May 22nd- 31st student art will be displayed throughout our local community as part of the annual Art Shows. Map coming soon!


Visit Ms. Linsey's Art Heart Ideas! for more info!


Here is an overview of the upcoming virtual  Field Day on June 3rd. I will be sending more detailed info. next week.


Monday May 25th: I will send out a poll for students to choose their top 4 field day activities. 

Friday, May 28th: I will collect the results of the poll and send an email out to everyone so they have time to prepare.


Field Day details: The day will consist of 3 groups: TK-1ST, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th. Each group will have approximately 1 hour. The order of groups is open for change if necessary.


                           Group 1 - 11:00-12:00 (TK-1st)

                           Group 2 - 12:30-1:30 (2nd-3rd)

                           Group 3 - 2:00-3:00 (4th-5th)


Coach Alex Wahl 

Zoom Zoom Zoom Video - Sometimes you just have to laugh at all of this...

Zoom Zoom Zoom Holderness Family

Holderness Family, Murder Hornets Parody


From Amy Allerheiligen, BACR Counselor!

"Whether you can see it or not, your child may well feel like they're in danger but not be able to express it directly. Children worry about getting infected with invisible germs, or about their parents or grandparents dying. We parents are stressed..." Read more here to gather insight into the potential "normal" regression of your children

Yearbook Orders

Order now and they will be delivered to your home for you. May 20th is the deadline to order so get your copy while they are still available.

Class Placement policy guidelines for May

As we look forward to the next school year, staff and I are beginning the process of planning for designing classes based on enrollment projections. As per Board Policy, the teaching staff and principal share the responsibility for student placement. The teachers meet by grade levels before the end of the year to develop classes. Classes will be designed based on the following criteria: 

  • Ratio of boys to girls
  • Students with special needs
  • Second language learners 
  • Learning styles 
  • Social/Emotional needs
  • Citizenship 

Parent input will be considered if the input is based upon clear-cut educational or developmental needs (per board policy). All input must be received between May 1st and May 31st and be in writing to the principal (email Principal for the CV-19 school year). These criteria will not be considered:

  • Placing your child in a class with a particular teacher
  • Placing your child in a class with friends

Placing your child in a class with a teacher a sibling had. Each child’s needs are unique and because a brother or sister liked or disliked a teacher does not mean the sibling will have the same experience. Please do not include specific teacher names in your correspondence. 


The key ingredient in this process is trust. We will do the best job possible in placing your child with all the information at our disposal because it is important to us that each has the optimum chance for success.

Virtual Field Day is coming

We’re excited to announce that our school community will be participating in the OPEN National Field Day event on Wednesday, June 3rd! Field Day is an important tradition at our school. It is a significant day for our students and our staff, and we feel that in these incredibly challenging times this national event is a unique way that we can stay connected as a community and support one another in a fun and meaningful way. Stay tuned for more direction on this one!

Eating Healthy Message - Really fun!

Video from one of our Health Nurse's - Worth all 2 minutes or so and great for your kids. Very engaging and smart!

Middle School Information for Fifth Grade Families

Miller Creek Principal, Tenisha Tate Austin, sent an email and video to all fifth-grade families with information about orientation and elective selection.  If you did not see the email yet, click the link below to access all the information.

Middle School Information for Fifth Grade Families

Online Registration is taking place now

If you have an incoming student and need to complete registration, please visit the MCSD Registration page TODAY to download your forms. We are making important student enrollment decisions at this time and would appreciate your help in determining an accurate student count.

How we are reporting out for trimester 3

The COVID-19 global pandemic has dramatically altered our daily lives. The biggest change for the educational community is the transition to remote learning, which includes assessing and reporting on a student’s progress.


To find an equitable solution to address the challenges of assessment, grading, and reporting, TK-5 students will receive a report card that includes comments only.


For more detailed information, read Superintendent Rosales' full letter HERE.

Very uplifting videos! One can never watch these too many times!

Lizzy and the Triggerman! Super Fun!


A tribute to all of you - with a GREAT sense of HUMOR!!


5th Grade Miller Creek District Music Zoom!


Miller Creek School District Remote Learning Site

Please click here to access this page on our district website.

Community Events!

You can access community flyers by visiting the Community Resources page on the Miller Creek School District website.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Marin HHS is excited to announce the launch of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This program is for people who are at risk of homelessness and need rental assistance to prevent eviction due to a loss of income from the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information:

Mental Health Resources

Supporting Students and valuable resources

Mental Health Suggestions

Talking to your children

Novel Coronavirus Links and Updates

Visit the official Marin County Coronavirus webpage ( to review answers to frequently asked questions, access guidance for special groups, and subscribe for email updates.


To view past status updates concerning COVID-19 activity in Marin County, click on the resources tab on the Coronavirus webpage.


Have questions?  Individuals can contact Marin Health and Human Services with non-medical questions about the coronavirus by calling (415) 473-7191 (Monday – Friday, 9:30 am to 12-noon and 1 pm to 5 pm).