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The Pride Family Letter 10.19.20
Posted 10/16/20

Mrs. Reddicks 1st grade class 
enjoying the great outdoors! 
And all the while 
practicing great masking skills

Monday, 10.19: Hybrid Transition Program modified day for K and special Education Classes

Tuesday, 10.20: Hybrid Transition Program modified day for K and special Education Classes

Wednesday, 10.21: Hybrid Transition Program modified day for K and special Education Classes

Home and School Club welcoming new families meeting, 7:00pm

Thursday, 10.22: Hybrid Transition Program modified day for K and special Education Classes

Friday, 10.23: Hybrid Transition Program modified day for K and special Education Classes

Phase 2 Webinar Link



(Starts 2 min., 15 sec. in)

Phase 2 Family Handbook

This link provides quite a bit of information about our site hybrid program. For our newly arriving Kindergarten families it speaks to arrivals and departures, where to line up, school times, daily email to respond to, Site Protection Plan, etc. I will also be providing a loom (video) for all of you to provide a visual for all of you.

Transition Week for our Kindergarten and Special Education Classes - Next week

For the week of October 19th-23rd, Kindergarten and Special Education classes will run a special remote schedule from 8:30-12:00 so teachers can prepare for their classes on October 26th. What you can expect is an 8:30-9:00 full class meeting followed by one other live instructional moment. The rest of the time in between 8:30-12:00 not occupied by live instruction, will be asynchronous learning.

Counseling support interest for your child?

We know the pandemic has been extremely hard on everyone, especially parents and children. If you are concerned about your student's mental health or if they are having symptoms such as anxiety or excessive worry, persistent sadness, mood swings, defiance, sleep disturbance, or school work refusal, we are here to help.  Our counselors are providing remote counseling over Zoom to support the mental health needs of LVE students. Please reach out to your child's teacher and together you can determine if a counseling referral is appropriate.  We are also available for parent consultations if you would like some support directly. 

Warm regards, Amy and Amanda

BACR Counselors

Hybrid Families: 7 important reminders!

When filling out the CrisisGo email each morning, be sure to temperature check first. 

Have your children pack a few extra masks to school each day just in case. But if they forget, no worries, we have extras. Just have them let us know in the front office.

While your children are learning quickly, the most challenging part of this transition is recess. Just remind them about social distancing. Note that we are on it, barking loudly - "6' distance people, 6' distance!" - We apologize in advance for those living in the immediate audible vicinity. 

Remind children to wash their hands frequently, especially after using the restroom. We are on this as well, but reminders from the home front are always helpful.

Maintain your family social bubble and avoid large gatherings.

Marin Health and Human Services strongly recommends that children participate in no more than two "social bubbles." If your child attends hybrid school and childcare, for example, then they should not be participating in any other outside activities. 

Keep your child home if they are sick or displaying any COVID like symptoms. We understand that parents are bearing a significant burden at this time, but we are all in this together and your cooperation is essential.

#6 in Site Protection Plan: Be familiar with this one

These two aspects of the site plan and very important to understand in terms of what to watch out for and what we look for when a student is not well. More information can be found in the Site protection plan Document 

Family Hybrid District Family Booklet

A very thourough document: English and Spanish

Miller Creek District Hybrid Informational Page

Below you will find links to the slides used by Dr. Santora, Public Health Officer, as well as a recording of the Miller Creek District Webinar, which includes important information for all of us. It is worth the watch!

Webinar with Dr. Santora & MCSD

Dr. Santora's Slides

District informational page

Hybrid Q&A for Lucas Valley

Here is the link to the Q&A that used to reside in the letter.

Scholastic Book Fair Begins

Please plan on visiting our online Book Fair from October 12th-25th! All purchases benefit our school and connect kids with new books, favorite characters, complete series, and more.

Visit our Book Fair Homepage here and click “Shop Now” to get started

  • All orders ship direct to home

  • FREE shipping on book-only orders over $25*

  • All purchases support our school and earn 25% in rewards

Finally, our wonderful librarians have shared this bitmoji below with our students this week! Super cute!  It is truly brilliant and our friends at Scholastic are now planning to use this as a model for other schools - WAY TO GO!

Book Fair Bitmoji Link

The BOOK FAIR is here! October 12 - 25 3 - 5 Book Trailers Click HERE to access the Book Fair to shop. Thank you...


October Participation Challenge!

ANY class that achieves 65% family participation receives $25 for supplies AND a voucher for a FREE kid’s slice of cheese pizza from Stefano’s Pizza 

(redeemable at Terra Linda location only)



If ENTIRE school achieves 65% family participation Can Do! will host a school Popcorn Friday in the Spring!

Thank you for your support

Interested in being a part of the LVE Equity and Inclusion Team?

We are bringing the love back! A few years ago, Lucas Valley Elementary School pulled together a brilliant and hard working team of teachers and parents to discuss ways to build social conciousness within our community. Understanding that there remains a significant divide along the lines of of race and class was the premise of those gatherings. The very difficult question we asked ourselves was, What part do we play in this? 

Last year our district created an District Equity Working Group with the following goals:

  • Raises equity consciousness of staff, students, parents, and community members so that we examine biases and eliminate inequitable practices.
  • Uses equity-minded pedagogy and assessments to ensure individual student growth and accelerate the growth of students who have been historically underserved through commitment of resources.
  • Uses equity-minded practices when making decisions, approving policy, hiring personnel, and developing and evaluating programs.

This year, through the support of the Facing History and Ourselves team, we are digging into cultivating successful site teams at all schools.

If you have an interest in being a part of the Lucas Valley Elementary School Equity Team, please email me at:   

Support During COVID

Crushing the Curve is a collaborative project with North Bay counties to provide youth with resources to help them with the challenges of COVID-19.