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The Pride Family Letter 11.9.2020
Posted 11/8/20

Monday, 11.9 

Event Free

Tuesday, 11.10 

Board Meeting - Agenda

Wednesday, 11.11

Veteran's Day - No School

Thursday, 11.12

Lion Council Meeting, 3:30-4:00

District Equity Meeting, 4:00-5:30 

Friday, 11.13

Event Free

Is this week a short day schedule for wave 3 hybrid classes?

Yes! This week our wave three families from DeGuia, Torbet, Caceres, Liebman, and Shaw will run their last week of remote learning on a shortened day schedule in order for them to prepare for the return of your children. Classes will conclude each day at 12:00pm and will involve 2 live sessions somewhere in that period of time. The remainder of the time will be spent in asynchronous learning. They will be sharing their schedules with you.

Is there an adjustment to the November 16th and 17th dates for the incoming Wave 3 hybrid classes?

Monday, November 16th: Group A attends school from 8:15-11:15. Group B is at home following asynchronous learning programs.

Tuesday, November 17th: Group B attends school from 12:00-3:00 Group A is at home following asynchronous learning programs.

Wednesday, November 18th: Fully remote day

Thursday, November 19th: Groups A 8:18-11:15, Group B 12:00-3:00

Friday, November 20th: Groups A 8:18-11:15, Group B 12:00-3:00

What waves are returning next?

Wave #3, November 16th, 2020

Mrs. Ali deGuia, Mrs. Robin Torbet, Mrs. Caceres, Mrs. Liebman, and Mrs. Shaw.

Wave #4, December 7th, 2020

Mr. Hough, Mrs. Osterman/Sullivan, Mrs. Kersnick, and Mr. Peregoy 

So what is most important for me to know about my child's return on November 16th?

*For grades K-3, when driving in and dropping off/picking up, do not leave your car unattended. The car line needs to keep rolling along. No super spreaders at Lucas Valley:)

*Grades 4-5's drop off and pick up is above the campus on Idylberry, not the parking lot.

*If you are walking your child to school, please do not walk across the parking lot. Use the sidewalk along the loop. Safety First.

*If you have a child in the K-3 and 4-5, select either the parking lot or Idylberry, to drop off and pick up. You don't need to do both.

*Your children will be lining up at the start and end of the day in the front office area as shown in the video below (see links)

*Please do not be late on either end

*Students can bike or walk to and from school but bring a lock for the bike and remind them to use it. If walking home, they do not need to line up again. Just head home after the teacher releases them.

*Your children and you should be fully masked when on campus

*The interior of the campus is closed to families. Only the sidewalk in the parking lot area is available.

*Answer the CrisisGo email each morning and DO NOT forget to take the temperature of your child first.

*Your child will not be able to enter the classroom without the CrisiGo check from home. Our Health Specialist will be notifying families each morning if not completed.

*If your child experiences any signs of a fever, recurring cough, headaches, body fatigue, etc. keep your child home, check in with their pediatrician, and get tested. Safety first!

*Have your children pack a few extra masks to school each day though we do have extras if needed.

*Remind children about social distancing.

*Remind children to wash their hands frequently and for 20 seconds.

*Maintain your family social bubble and avoid large gatherings. Marin Health and Human Services strongly recommend that children participate in no more than three "social bubbles."

*Take a moment and review the links below. They will provide quite a bit of useful information for your family.

What important links should I be reviewing? 

I have compiled a few that are well worth reviewing for those currently in hybrid as well as those entering on 11.16 and 12.6. The first, the District Miller Creek Website, is an EXCELLENT resource! 

District Miller Creek Website (Very, Very good to review)

Wave 3 Video regarding arrivals and departures

Lucas Valley Phasing in Family Handbook

Family Hybrid District Handbook in English

Family Hybrid District Handbook in Spanish

2020-2021 School Site Protection Plan

New Decision Tree, that begins November 9th - ANOTHER FABULOUS RESOURCE!

How will I access my report cards for trimester #1?

You will find your child's Report Card on your Aeries Parent Portal as part of our continued effort to go paperless.  

Is the Monday afternoon remote meeting with teachers still on?

Starting Monday, November 9th, we are shifting away from our Monday afternoon regularly scheduled meetings with teachers. We appreciate the time many of you took to stop by and gather a little clarification about the instructional lesson or program. The reason we shifted away was the numbers of folks attending and our shifting to Hybrid in the weeks ahead.

I heard we have significantly upgraded our ventilation systems?

Yes! We have just recently completed the addition of our Needle-Point Bipolar Ionizers in all classrooms! We are also adding HEPA air purifiers and including them in all classrooms next week. Deep appreciation to our superintendent of schools, Becky Rosales, CFO, Erik Lee, and Alan Rothkop, for the investigation of these products and getting into classrooms as soon as possible.

Community Happenings

Visit the Community Resources page on the Miller Creek School District website. New flyers this week:

* AC Marin Late Fall Training


Link to the Can-Do Fun Run




November 7th-15th

Join the fun! Run or walk anytime, anywhere, and support our Miller Creek School District!

Registration Fee $25.00 

All participants receive a printable race bib, Can Do! backpack, water bottle and discount coupons from local businesses.

Limited Sponsored Registrations Available. Email for more info.