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The Pride Family Letter 12.20.20
Posted 12/18/20


Monday, 1.4

WELCOME BACK! All students, K-5, returning to school in Hybrid format 

Tuesday, 1.5

Event Free

Wednesday, 1.6

Home and School Board Meeting, 7:00-8:30 pm

Thursday, 1.7

Event Free

Friday, 1.8

Event Free

Notes from the Principal

I want to wish all of you a very safe, renewing, and most joyful of holidays. While 2020 has not been one of our kindest years, it is important to pause, take a breath, and appreciate what we have going for us. Look no further than our families. Collectively, we have developed extraordinary levels of patience and perseverance, and your children have learned essential independent learning skills. That is the bright side, right?

On the other hand, the recent "Stay at Home Orders" shared by the governor, have us on another path. As such, it is important for you, your children, your families, our teachers, and your friends and neighbors, to follow them well. I recently heard on an NPR broadcast that the single preventive measure that can eradicate all of this mischief quicker, are not the masks or social distancing, rather, the decisions each of us make in homes and in our communities. Sounds obvious but not always followed. Even the vaccines will take time. Simply put, our children can't afford to continue down this path for many reasons.

So how can you help play a part? You can help with this by postponing any nonessential recreational travel or gathering in groups in enclosed places over the holidays. Be brave and share with others who are thinking about this. This is not the time to take risks. 

December 2019... 
I share this 
only because 
I am confident we will 
return to this soon!

Here are 2 new fantastic updated resources to be familiar with as relates to Covid-19.

*Marin County Office of Education - COVID-19 Handbook

*Updated Decision Tree to be VERY familiar with - Scroll down for the very clear image

Laura Winter, Art Specialist, 
and her 
Unite With Light Project! WOW


Miller Creek Pledge to keep our schools safe and open

As a community, we face this global pandemic together, and each day we adjust and sacrifice to minimize the spread of this virus. Although this is a stressful time for us all, we know our community is responsible, accountable, and resilient. 

The health guidelines we are living under don’t permit us to have the same freedom of movement, social interaction, holiday events and gatherings, and travel that we have enjoyed for years before this time. Social responsibility often conflicts with personal preference. Maintaining your family's social bubble and avoiding gatherings keeps everyone safer. We are counting on our community to do what’s needed for students to be in school.

Miller Creek School District is committed to keeping our schools open for in-person instruction. In order do reopen on time after the winter break, we are asking families and staff to pledge to follow these practices: 

  1. We will minimize or avoid "high-risk activities"

  2. We will not introduce any new members into our social bubble after December 26, 2020.

  3. We will return to Marin no later than the evening of December 27, 2020.

  4. We will quarantine or greatly reduce social contact beginning on Monday, December 27, 2020, through Sunday, January 3, 2021. 

  5. We will either participate in the December 29 and 30, 2020 district-wide COVID test drive-thru or make other testing arrangements for our family.

By clicking here and joining our team with a signature you and your family are pledging to take these five actions over the winter break. 

Together we can keep our schools open and our community safe. 

Miller Creek Community Testing - COVID-19 (See below)

We are excited to provide for all of you, Covid-19 testing through Curative. See the dates in the screenshot below and click here to make an appointment. While thrilled to provide this for all of you, we need the collective efforts of ALL OF YOU if we want to see our children return back to school on January 4th.

Versión en español

Nos complace ofrecerles a todos ustedes, pruebas de Covid-19 a través de Curative. Vea las fechas en la captura de pantalla a continuación y haga clic aquí para programar una cita.

Si bien está encantado de brindarles esto a todos ustedes, todos deben seguir siendo fieles a las órdenes de permanencia en casa de nuestro gobernador. Como todos ustedes, quiero que sus hijos regresen a la escuela el 4 de enero, pero depende completamente de las decisiones que tomemos en la comunidad. POR FAVOR posponga los viajes recreativos y las reuniones en grupos durante las vacaciones.

Community Forum

We are excited and ready to resume in-person instruction on January 4, 2021. Our community continues to have a spectrum of thought about opening schools with some members eager to return and others questioning the safety. For those seeking additional safety rationale for keeping schools open, you can hear directly from Public Health experts, Dr. Willis and Dr. Santora, who support our reopening work. They are hosting a webinar for the community on Monday, January 4th from 1:00pm-2:00pm where they will provide an update, share data, and include an opportunity for Q&A. Visit this page for the webinar link and information on how to submit questions in advance.

Is there going to be an equity and inclusion team at Lucas Valley forming? Yes. Our initial LVE Equity and Inclusion Meeting date - Wednesday, January 13th, 3:00-4:00.

So how exactly do germs spread? You will love this one!

From Steve Steinberg, 3-8 Music Band Teacher - Bringin a little Holiday Cheer

"District 5th grade bands, the Miller Creek 6th grade band, the Flex Jazz Band (a volunteer group that meets during Flex Time on Wednesdays) and the 7th and 8th grade Miller Creek bands.  So far this year, we have played and rehearsed a lot of music (mostly music on Smart Music), so this is just a quick sample of what we have been practicing.

During band rehearsals (on Zoom, of course), the students have the opportunity to play along with the Smart Music backing track, and maybe me playing an instrument along with the track.  They get a sense of playing in an ensemble that way, but through the process we used to put together this video, they get the opportunity to hear each other play along with them---in other words, the sound of their band!

Each student recorded their individual parts and sent that to me. I put their parts into Garage Band and edited them for balance and alignment with each other.  After that, we took a video of them playing to the recording and added that to their recorded Garage Band track so it looks like they are actually playing live, which of course would be impossible using Zoom (or any other format).

The Holiday Video Project at the end features 7th and 8th-grade students on video playing holiday music.  They met with other students in break out rooms to plan which holiday song and which student would record each section.  I think the students really enjoyed that project---I know I did!

I hope you all enjoy the holidays with your close family and friends (either live or in other ways).

Please keep safe, and I'll "see" you all next year:) 

Link to the ensemble: Miller Creek District Band Holiday "Concert" 2020


I just wanted to share some fun events that are happening over the holidays, in case you'd like to check them out!

Join international tour director, Megan Hansen, and take a live virtual tour of Vincent Van Gogh's life and artistic career.

Tickets: Live Tour - Vincent Van Gogh (Dec/Jan dates available)

Or visit the National Museum of art and explore some famous French Impressionist painters.

Tickets: Monet and Friends - National Gallery of Art (December 19th)

Take a FREE gallery tour and explore the wonderful work of Georgia O'Keeffe!

Georgia O'Keeffe

Wishing you all a peaceful and creative holiday season!

Ms. Winter

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who so generously supported our students this year through our Family Giving Campaign, the Business Partner Program, Run As One and Holiday Auction. 


We honor ALL of you, your acts of generosity and kindness, patience and resilience, and the fortitude and determination you have demonstrated during these past months. 

Wishing you and your family a joyful holiday season!

With gratitude, 

Can Do! Education Foundation

Last minute shopping to do? Support our students while shopping!

AmazonSmile will donate a percentage of every eligible purchase to Can Do! Education Foundation Sign up today!


When are school photos taking place this year?  Lucas Valley has partnered with Mugsy Clicks, a local photography agency (love supporting local and talented folks), and our dates are set. 

Wednesday, March 31st: Spring Photos - Schedule to come

Wednesday, April 14th: Makeup Day - Schedule to come

I am interested in being a bus driver. Any opportunities? Yes. We are seeking a dedicated part-time bus driver to join our team! Our bus drivers provide a crucial service for our students and families. Our transportation department is integral to the success of our district, they are the first MCSD smiling faces that some students see each day. This position follows the school calendar and grants a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the summer sun with loved ones. A class B license would be preferred, but the transportation department is eager and willing to train. The pay range for our bus driver 1 position, $19.01 - $24.27 (based on experience and background). If this type of position might interest you please do not hesitate to reach out to Lauren Campbell, HR Specialist, at 415 492 3702


Positive for Covid-19?

If someone in your immediate household tests positive for Covid-19, please email me to let me know.

Video of our Wave 4 Hybrid Discussion on Monday evening

If you missed last week's wave 4 hybrid webinar, I have it here for you now. Thanks for your patience.

Any new safety supports recently added? Yes. Our district has recently assigned an all-day substitute for each of our sites to use where needed. For example, if we suddenly have a teacher or aide out, she can step right in. If we need extra support in the yard, extra cleaning or supervising of students during transitions, help in a classroom, we have our person.

Will all students return as one group when we resume our Hybrid program? Yes. At this time, Public Health guidance allows us to resume in-person instruction and proceed with our phased reopening plan. As a community, we have demonstrated that schools can be open safely. We have managed three positive cases with no school transmission. We have health staff at each school site, voluntary COVID testing for employees, incredible air quality solutions, small class sizes, a daily health screening system, stockpiled EPE, and increased support staff. Our systems have worked. We have a strong community and a stellar staff. Our teams will all be coming in together, with an anticipated return of January 4th.

We are committed to ensuring safe schools for staff and students, getting all kids back in school, and doing it together! Miller Creek, this pandemic has not been easy but with flexibility, and our partnership we will continue to find our way.

What are the most informative COVID-19 links worth reading?

*Health and Human Services: Primary page

*Health And Human Services: FAQ's

*Health and Human Services Covid-19 Status Update

*Health and Human Services: Student and Family Resources

*Health and Human Services: Trends and Tracking Dashboard

*Health and Human Services: Self and other protection guidelines

*Health and Human Services: Safe Holiday Celebration Ideas

*California Blue Print for a Safer Economy

Will there be an adjustment to the final Wave 4 hybrid classes similar to the previous phases?

Yes. To help prepare teachers and grounding them in what is working and needs adjusting, the following schedule will be in place.

Monday, January 4th: Group A attends school from 8:15-11:15. Group B remains home following asynchronous learning programs.

Tuesday, January 5th: Group B attends school from 12:00-3:00 Group A remains home following asynchronous learning programs.

Wednesday, January 6th: Fully remote day

Thursday, January 7th: Groups A 8:18-11:15, Group B 12:00-3:00

Friday, January 8th: Groups A 8:18-11:15, Group B 12:00-3:00

Should I be answering the Crisis Go Email each morning?

When we return in January, please remember to temperature check your child followed by answering the Crisis Go email each morning before bringing your child to school. If not, your child will be visiting the health specialist and a call will be made home to check. Your child will not be able to enter the classroom without that check. So be vigilant. Click here for a fantastic video from our Val health specialist that outlines exactly what to do. 

Can you explain the hybrid? There are 2 different sessions, 8:15-11:15 and 12:00-3:00. Please be on time and always with a face mask. We have prioritized siblings when creating groupings. We recognize this may interfere with many of you who have "learning hubs" to help support your ongoing learning during this time and we apologize. If you fall into this category, please consider who is in your child's new cohort and generate a new one.

What are drop off procedures? K-2 in the parking lot and 3-5 on Idylberry. For those walking, please do not walk through the parking lot. Use designated sidewalks. The sidewalk skirting around the parking lot is available but please make your way off campus soon after. No lingering, please. Covid numbers are high, we don't want to take unnecessary chances. For grades K-2, when driving in and dropping off/picking up, do not leave your car unattended. If you have a child in the K-2 and 3-5, select either the parking lot or Idylberry, to drop off and pick up. You don't need to do both. If it rains, students will head directly to classrooms. Do not walk your child to their classrooms.

Can my child walk or bike to school? Yes. Students can bike or walk to and from school but bring a lock for the bike and remind them to use it

How important are masks? Very! Have your children bring extra in the packs and ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ON CAMPUS should be fully masked.

What if my child does not feel well? If your child experiences any signs of a fever, recurring cough, headaches, body fatigue, etc. keep your child home, stay home, check in with their pediatrician, and get tested. Safety first!

What advice can I give my child each day before school begins? Wash hands frequently, wear masks always (wherever you go), always socially distance from others, when making adjustments to masks do so with the strings, not the front of the mask.

What important links should I be reviewing? 

I have compiled a few that are well worth reviewing

District Miller Creek Website (Very, Very good to review)

Lucas Valley Phasing in Family Handbook

Family Hybrid District Handbook in English

Family Hybrid District Handbook in Spanish

2020-2021 School Site Protection Plan