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The Pride Family Letter 1.11.21
Posted 1/8/21


Monday, 1.11

Event Free


Tuesday, 1.12

Board Meeting, 5:30 (Zoom link below)


Wednesday, 1.13

Equity and Inclusion Meeting, 3:00-4:00


Thursday, 1.14

Event Free


Friday, 1.15



I just want to extend a warm appreciation to all who have already donated to the Family Giving Campaign during this unprecedented time. Your thoughtful financial contributions have supported so many aspects of our school, with Art, PE, and Technology really standing out to me at this moment. All three are of great importance, especially during this transition period. Imagining not having these resources, is hard. If you have not found the time to donate yet, click here and join the team and help us continue providing our students what they need for a balanced learning program.

Anyway, I just want to say how GRATEFUL I am...

Principal Musings - What a joy seeing our student team back on campus this week! As a whole, children were excited to be in classrooms with their teachers and friends, learning in that familiar face-to-face format, and interacting/playing with their friends in the yard. That element of student growth is in need of great repair so it is good to see us off to a good start. Also want to shout out to all of you for smooth transitions at 8:15, 11:15, 12:00, and 3:00. 

Meandering from class to class each day, seeing their masked smiles, hearing their laughter, giving 100% of their attention to their learnings, lining up in the right spots, wearing their masks, etc. It. Just. Felt. Right. It is hard to explain and something we have been missing for so long.

Having said that I know there are folks who are rightfully concerned about the covid numbers so I don't wish to convey that I am sweeping under the rug, other important perspectives. As a parent myself, and someone who is married to a 5th-grade teacher, I share some of those same worries. It is all too natural to be protective, especially of our little ones. I am very aware that many of our LVE Lion families have unique circumstances that prevent them from joining at this time. But there will come a time soon enough when we all be back together.

In the meantime, I am confident in the guidance that our Public Health folks have provided as I know how deeply invested and immersed they are in this work studying the virus, trends, and the data surrounding it. What I appreciate most is the data they have collected and shared with the community. 

Finally, the responsibility ultimately will fall upon us as parents to model for our children, make good decisions, follow stay at home orders, wash hands, screen for symptoms, keep children home when sick, refrain from gathering inside with other families, refrain from recreational travel, etc. By doing our individual parts, we keep our families and our neighbors healthy and safe, we draw closer to returning everyone to school as we once did, and we take the pressure off of our over-taxed front-line health workers in our hospitals. In the end, it is our actions alone that will dictate how quickly we return so thank you all for playing your part during this time.  There was a highly informative meeting last Monday, January 4th, led by Dr. Willis, and I am including that link here for you.

Around 60 minutes in length it is very much worth the watch, even if you skim a bit. If pressed for time, shift to about 26:28, where Dr. Lisa Santora speaks to why schools may actually be a safer environment than our homes. I thought about that for a moment and concluded that in many ways, schools do feel like a safer place than our surrounding community. 

Our campus is a deeply controlled environment littered with procedures and norms we have all considered carefully, follow, and take very seriously. These range from mask-wearing, distancing, communication updates, Site Protection Plans, drop off and pick up procedures, movement throughout the school, proper ventilation systems, regular onsite covid testing for staff, contact tracing, health care folks, CrisisGo checks, etc. Our attention remains on keeping everyone on the campus as safe as we can.

When at home, where data shows high transmission rates through family gatherings, the risks increase dramatically. I encourage you to watch the presentation and attend future events. I will continue to provide links for you all.

Vaccine Facts

Latest Tier 1 Information (MCOE)

Attacks on Washington and how to talk with your kids

What a tragic moment in our history. Take a moment and think about how difficult it has been for all of us as adults, to process this. The wonder, the dread, the horror, etc. Now consider the angst and emotions your children might be feeling at this time. The images or news feeds are pretty scary. This is something to pay close attention to.

The four articles below capture several thoughts and strategies to help guide you in your discussions with your children.

Here is something I always remembered as Andrea and I were raising our son, Jude. If there was anything in the news we felt he should not be privy to or felt was not appropriate to address, we quickly realized that he was probably going to hear it from someone, somewhere, and at some point in time as it is close to impossible to shield significant events from our children these days. We decided that if he was going to hear it, let it be from us in a controlled dialogue. Now, when "events" surface, he feels comfortable talking to us about them as a trusting foundation for these hard conversations has been established.

So on that note, here are four supportive articles that speak to finding time to talk, ensuring dialogue is developmentally appropriate, watching your child's emotional state, limiting media consumption, maintaining normal routines, turning conversations into teaching moments, etc.

Talking to kids about difficult subjects

Drop-off and pick up and clustering - What a difference!

What can I say but...thank you! We used to have so many families lingering about during our 8:15, 11:15, 12:00, and 3:00 times and we are seeing so little of that now. YOU are making a difference. Thanks for dropping your children off and trusting us to keep them safe and holding your chats with friends away from the campus.

A quick reminder that if you are picking up on Idylberry (grades 3-5), please make sure to come to the green hillside behind the office or on top of Idylberry where they can see you. We ask them to raise their hands if they spot family members and then we release them. Again, thank you!!

Great Covid-19 Video from our district Health Nurses - Fans of the 60's will deeply appreciate this informative video created by our health specialists just for you. Our LVE health lead, Susie Urquhart, sings in this one!! You will appreciate it!

Appreciating your child's teacher

I just want to say that the photo above speaks to the work your children's teachers are involved in right now. They are on it, bringing everything they have to each moment, and committing to your children every step of the way. They each have a unique teaching style, but with a common goal of ensuring your children are safe, happy, and learning. I could not ask for a more dedicated group of leaders to work alongside with.
Virtual conversation with Dr. Madeline Levine, a psychologist with over 35 years of experience as a clinician, consultant, educator, and author.

Dr. Levine will be discussing her book and New York Times bestseller, The Price of Privilege, which explores the reasons why teenagers are experiencing epidemic rates of emotional problems. Her current book, Ready or Not, focuses on how to best prepare our children and ourselves for an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Dr. Levine will include strategies and practices on how we can support our students during these unprecedented times.

We hope you can join us for one of the offered dates: January 26 or February 23, 2021, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM.

Registration Link:

Link: Dr. Madeline Levine flyer

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Meeting

Wednesday, January 13th, 3:00-4:00 pm, we are holding our initial EDI meeting! You are welcome to join our team using the link included.

Next Site Council Meeting

Thursday, January 21st, 3:30-4:30 pm. This zoom meeting will focus primarily upon our Comprehensive Safety Plan and two primary goals for the year. 

I am interested in being a bus driver. Any opportunities? Yes. We are seeking a dedicated part-time bus driver to join our team! Our bus drivers provide a crucial service for our students and families. Our transportation department is integral to the success of our district, they are the first MCSD smiling faces that some students see each day. This position follows the school calendar and grants a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the summer sun with loved ones. A class B license would be preferred, but the transportation department is eager and willing to train. The pay range for our bus driver 1 position, $19.01 - $24.27 (based on experience and background). If this type of position might interest you please do not hesitate to reach out to Lauren Campbell, HR Specialist, at 415 492 3702


Please remember to temperature check and answer the CrisisGo emails each morning

We have almost 100% of you doing this, so thank you again!! You are keeping everyone safe for sure. If not, your child will be visiting the health specialist and a call will be made home to check. Your child will not be able to enter the classroom without that check. So be vigilant. Click here for a fantastic video from our Val health specialist that outlines exactly what to do. 

What are the most informative COVID-19 links worth reading?

*Health and Human Services: Primary page

*Health And Human Services: FAQ's

*Health and Human Services Covid-19 Status Update

*Health and Human Services: Student and Family Resources

*Health and Human Services: Trends and Tracking Dashboard

*Health and Human Services: Self and other protection guidelines

*California Blue Print for a Safer Economy

*District Miller Creek Website

*Lucas Valley Phasing in Family Handbook

*Family Hybrid District Handbook in English

*Family Hybrid District Handbook in Spanish

*2020-2021 School Site Protection Plan

We look forward to our work together on behalf of our students!

Thank you to those who have so generously supported Can Do! 

We are so grateful for your support during a time when our children need it the most! We wish you a wonderful start to the New Year!

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