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The Pride Family Letter, April 19th, 2021
Posted 4/17/21


Monday, 4.19

No events planned


Tuesday, 4.20

Photo Day for K-2 students - In-person and 100% remote students


Wednesday, 4.21

Photo Day for 3-5 students - In-person and 100% remote students


Thursday, 4.22

1st ever, LCAP - Community gathering, 4:00-5:30 - See flyer below. All community members are welcome to stop in at any time and will be directed to one of seven breakrooms to provide any feedback about our district, Local Control Accountability Plan.


Friday, 4.23

Last day to submit artwork for the Yearbook contest (See below)

Tossing pies at Mr. Anderson event, 8:45 (See below)

5th to 6th grade Middle School Orientation, 9:45 am (see below)

Left to Right

Library Poetry Contest!

JP Perry, Bodhi Iyer, Delaney Kugelmas, 
Sonia Carroll, and Violet Webb. 
Each shared their Haiku poems 
over the school intercom  

What's coming up

4.27: Makeup Photo day

4.28: LVE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meeting

4.29: District Equity Working Group meeting

5.5: Our first bike ride to school of the year with Anthony Fontaine (stay tuned for more information on this regarding safety tips)


Week 1 of our final transition is in the books

During the first week of our traditional return, the energy and buzz throughout the school were readily apparent as your children worked and played alongside their peers as a full class for the first time since March 2020! Let THAT sink in for a moment.


As I meandered through classrooms throughout the week, it felt like day 1 of the Fall in many ways. Very difficult to put into words for sure. On Friday, I asked one student if she liked having more students or fewer in the classroom. This was her response...

"I really like having more students because when I need help I can just ask one of my friends"

Bloody Brilliant! This is a strategy our teachers share consistently with your children and a critical one for their work moving forward in elementary, middle, high school, college, and their post-school pursuits.


Anyway, many appreciations to you all for working as hard as you have to remain masked up, off the campus, not parking in the staff parking lot, staying true to arrival and departure times, not walking across the parking lots in the AM, and for staying sane through all of this!

And of course, the applause of tectonic proportions is in order for our certificated teaching team for this monumental lift they have endured over the year. To think of how many times they have adjusted their teaching practices, learning of new programs, class sizes, instructional mediums changes, communications, and personal learnings, and all in the course of a year. But they will also be the first to tell you that others have had equally demanding and challenging events happen in their lives. 


2020-2021 has required the services of our entire Lucas Valley Team like never before including librarians, Can Do teachers, secretaries, instructional aides, custodians, counselors, special education specialists, etc. and all have risen to the moment. That being said, I would like to take a moment and highlight below, our superstar team by name because it warrants it...



Mrs. Whitten, Mrs. Cunha, Mrs. Shehadey, Mrs. Reddick, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Camarda, Mrs. Costello, Mrs. Kersnick, Mrs. Kredo, Mr. Peregoy, Mrs. Osterman, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. deGuia Bumgarner, Mrs. Caceres, Mrs. Torbet, Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Shaver, Mrs. Dye, Mrs. Liebman, Mrs. Nau, Mrs. Naughton, Mr. Hough, and Mrs. Thomas.   


Thank you Sivan Oyserman, superstar Home/School President

Last week our beloved home and school president, Sivan Oyserman, who has worked tirelessly to support our Lion community, has concluded her tenure as home and school president after 2 terrific years. She has consistently brought enormous energy and creativity, to the team, in support of our staff, our families, and most importantly, our children - pause for applause.

Always giving
Always with a warm smile
Always thinking about that equity lens
Always approaching her work with the question:
How do we ensure that we are 
creating a welcoming environment
for all families?

Of the many special events she helped establish at our site, it was the, "We Are Lucas Valley", a multicultural gathering, that struck me most. Highlighting the many beautiful cultures, languages, and customs, existing in our community, this event will remain an anchor with us for years to come. I have shared a few photos below for those who were not with us in the fall of 2019.

Sivan, thank you for your laughter, your rich sense of humor, and the community-building leadership you brought to our Lion community. 

Welcome Franco Ruggeri, new LVE Home/School President

In the same breath, I would like to introduce all of you to our incoming Home and School president, Franco Ruggeri. As a parent in our Lion community, and a member of our Home and School Team, he has been working with the HSC club to learn the system, events, schedules, etc., and is excited to begin his tenure! He brings a tech-savvy, student-centered, relationship-based approach to the position and has been working closely with Sandy Stern, our Vice President, to consider new ideas for the coming year. I am providing the link here to the Lucas Valley Home and School Club which will soon be updated to reflect the new positions and contact information

Welcome, Franco (photo below)

Walkathon update and something you're REALLY going to like!

Thank you for the generous contributions to the Walk-A-Thon! The money raised goes to support our Home and School Club, which supports the school with classroom funds, technology, scholarships, fun community events, the garden, guest speakers, assemblies, teacher luncheons, and so much more.


May the Pie Be Ever In Your Favor

This Friday morning, April 23rd, Mr. Anderson will be getting a pie in the face from each of our teachers of the top-earning classes from the Walk-A-Thon: Whitten, Reddick, Osterman/Sullivan, Costello, DeGuia, Liebman, McGee, and Hough. Be on the lookout for fun pictures and perhaps a video of some sort of a messy morning...and Mr. Anderson rushing for a shower before the 5th grade Middle School Orientation!


Principal Bad Hair Day Event

Because your children were able to raise well over our $20,000 goal, they all cast votes for the color GREEN! We very much look forward to seeing Mr. Anderson with green hair in the coming weeks to celebrate the kids (and your contributions) to our school.


Here are our Walk-A-Thon raffle winners

Sebastian Merea, Leah Shin, Aissa Fellahi, Avery Finch, Reece Ridley, Penelope Dance, Kiana, Kodzoman, Shreya Sancheti, Meira Friedman, Elli Shirra, Rory Slaughter, Sujay Konari, and Oliver Stadtner!  We will be in touch with you directly.

STUDENT PORTRAIT TIPS - Tuesday and Wednesday

*Dress your children in simple, classic clothes and colors that complement their hair and eye color. 

*Clean, neatly-styled hair is best. Send a comb! 

*Encourage your child to cooperate with the photographer and have fun. Natural smiles are the best! 


Mugsy Click is our local photo vendor and will be sending all of you everything you need to know. Remember, those who reside in the remote academy, you are showing up at 10:00 am for your shot on your designated grade level day (K-2 20th, 3-5 21st). There will be no class shots for safety reasons for any class this year.


5th-grade orientation

On Friday, our Miller Creek Middle School team is visiting our 5th-grade students to share important information about their transition next year. Both exciting and sad to see them heading out. Such superstar students they are!



How do I volunteer with arrival and drop-offs?

If you are vaccinated and would like to help in the front of the school with arrivals and departures, we would love to have you. To do so, be sure you are vaccinated, send a photo of your vaccination information to Teri and me, and sign up here


Reminders about when to arrive and depart

1-5: Group 1 arrives between 8:05 and 8:15 and dismisses at 2:00.

K: Group 1 arrives between 8:05 and 8:15 and dismisses at 1:20.

1:5 Group 2 arrives between 8:15-8:25 and dismisses at 2:10.

K: Group 2 arrives between 8:15-8:25 and dismisses at 1:30.


Can you explain the social distancing guidelines again?

Between children, the distance is 3' in the classroom. Having stepped into a recent public health meeting, the 6' distancing rule still applies to playing outside, walking around campus between adults and adults, between adults and children, and when eating.

Did Someone Test Positive for Covid-19?

If someone in your immediate household tests positive for Covid-19, please email any of the three folks below

•Susie Urquhart (LVE Health Specialist):

•Mr. Anderson (Principal)

•Teri Edell: Secretary

Where do I go for information regarding vaccinations?

Click here, Marin Health and Human Services page, for the latest information regarding vaccinations, eligibility, and where to go.


Message from our Health Specialist, Suzie Urquhart

It is so wonderful to see all the students back!  A reminder to please register your student every day before they come to school. We are seeing a number of unregistered students, particularly students that attended the PM cohort.  Students are not allowed in the classroom unless they are registered and it would be wonderful if every student could go straight to class rather than wait outside to be certified. We appreciate your help with this!



Covid related Documents to review

Travel Guidelines, March 30th

Orange Tier Decision

MCOE data site  This includes the status of all Marin County Schools, School status Dashboard, Blueprint for a Safer Economy (Tiers), and Cases by their rate in California.

Looking for a rewarding volunteer experience?

Can Do! is looking for Can Do! Ambassadors at each site.

Please contact us at or click here for more information.


District CAN DO PE Teacher

Lesson around hiking and photo-taking

A brilliant display of incorporating PE safely

Keep sending the photos peeps!

MORE HAPPENINGS - Keep reading!!


Did I hear that 3-5 Music classes will be live this week?

We are still working out a few safety protocols before we officially welcome the music team back. Having said that, the times and day of the week below are set. We might begin this week, next week at the latest.


4th-grade music (live): Tuesdays, 11:00-11:30

4th-grade music (remote academy): Tuesday,1:50-2:20


5th-grade music (live):  Tuesdays, 11:35-12:05

5th-grade virtual (remote academy): Thursday, 2:00-2:30


How do I sign up for a free lunch?

Please create or update an account at and place your lunch order. All meals must be ordered by 10:00 Tuesday of the week before. If you need help, please contact Roxana directly at


School Site Council Meeting, April 15th

Our Site Council Team met last Thursday with the single goal of reviewing our site plan actions related to three broad-reaching goals:

1. Conditions of Learning: Building the necessary infrastructure that supports access to programs for all students, especially our most vulnerable students.

2. Student OutcomesIncreasing academic achievement in mathematics and English language arts for all students with a focus on narrowing the achievement gap for English learners, students receiving special education, Hispanic/Latinx, and socioeconomically disadvantaged through best practices in personalized learning and a multi-tiered system of support.

3. Engagement and WellnessIncreasing connectedness for students through social-emotional learning, campus inclusion, and wellness. 


All actions are tightly weaved into our 8 state priorities and district goals and are consistent between all elementary school sites as we operate so similarly (the beauty of a small district).


Much appreciation to our site council for stepping into those actions, asking great questions, and providing feedback at a time when there is so much swirling about. Loved the conversations and while they sometimes meandered down other avenues they were pertinent and eventually swung back to the actions. Sometimes those unintended bird-walks are the best!


I will be reviewing our team comments, working with our Site leadership team, and my principal colleagues to bring this plan to a close so we are ready for our 2021-2022 school year. The SPSA is a general guide and will be made public for all to review once edited and approved by our Board of Trustees.


Local Control Accountability Plan Meeting

April 22nd, 4:00-5:30pm

Will our BACR Counseling Team be back live as well?

Yes! They meet with students on Mondays and Fridays on campus. Amandy Speedy and Megan Jones are our counselors and are we ever grateful!


How do I register my child for Lucas Valley Elementary?

Interested in having your child joining The Pride? Link to registering your child at LVE or any of our 4 schools. Kindergarten enrollment will be open to students who will be five years old on/or before September 1st. Check-in with our secretary, Teri Edell, who can help answer questions and get you ready.


Approved 2021-2022 Miller Creek District Student Calendar

Click here for the link to the 2021-2022 student calendar

Lunch time in the courtyard
Carefully orchestrated
6' distance

Lucas Valley Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee information - Please consider joining our wonderful team!

Click here for our last agenda and notes


The following principles continue to guide the path for our site team:

  • Promoting and celebrating diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in a variety of ways including school-wide gatherings, cultural events, workshops, parent education, and community conversations.

  • Providing all members of the community with a supportive space and the tools to learn about, discuss, and ask questions about issues and topics related to diversity and identity. 

Future LVE, DEI meeting dates: Wednesday, 4.28 (3:00-4:00, Zoom)


5th-grade yearbook art contest deadline, Friday, April 22nd

5th-grade family alert. This is the final week for accepting artwork for the yearbook cover. Many thanks to Andrew Pang, parent star, who has created our yearbook for as long as I have been here and beyond! He is again, creating a masterpiece that will capture memories for this very unusual year. Safe to say, this will be a keepsake for years to come.  Be sure to be on the lookout for purchase windows. 


Yearbook Cover Art Theme Contest"Still Connected" - Show how the school and community is still connected to one another

Due Date:  April 23

Format:  Mixed media, 8 1/2 x 11"

Drop off location:  Yearbook folder in the front office


Earth Day Information

We are two students from the MarinSEL program at TL dedicated to making an environmental change in the community. The program focuses on project-based learning and team-building skills to make a difference in the issues related to the environment.


We created a flyer of information about the waste found in the ocean and what each person can do to help. The oceans are crucial for each species survival and each individual can make such a huge impact!


One of these students was from my days at Mary Silveira. Very proud of her!!


Community Resources 

You can always access our local community flyers by visiting the Community Resources page on the Miller Creek School District website.


Biking to school safely - Safe Routes to School

Want to share the joy and confidence of cycling with your kids?

Students, parents, and guardians are invited to learn bike riding skills together at an INTERACTIVE, live webinar on Thursday, April 29, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.  


This free zoom workshop will help prepare students ages 7 through 11 for road riding, giving parents tips for how to ride with their youth. Families will learn bike and helmet fit, navigating the road legally and responsibly, and how to build confident, safe cyclists based on age-appropriate development.  


Sign up here.  Once you sign up, we’ll send you the zoom link. We look forward to seeing you.  Questions? 


Please contact


Celebrating Arab Heritage Month with our ART teacher, Laura Winter, CAN DO

HAMSAS (Link to what Hamsas are)