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The Pride Family Letter, April 26th, 2021
Posted 4/25/21


Monday, 4.26

5th-grade chrome books and cords returned in the AM

ELPAC (English Learner) testing for grades K-3, 4.26-5.7

Don’t forget to join Ms. Winter this week as she creates wishes for the world on wooden hearts to hang from our new Wish Trees on campus! Here is the video lesson.


Tuesday, 4.27

4th-grade chrome books and cords  returned in the AM

Coordinating Council Meeting, 9:00 am

Student Portrait Day Make-Ups

4th-grade LIVE music begins today


Wednesday, 4.28

3rd-grade chrome books and cords returned in the AM

Site Equity Group Meeting, 3:00

5th Grade Middle School Parent Orientation, 5:30 (Zoom Link)


Thursday, 4.29

2nd-grade chrome books and cords returned in the AM

District Equity Group Meeting, 4:00

5th-grade LIVE music begins today


Friday, 4.30

1st-grade chrome books and cords returned in the AM

Final key events for the year

5.5: Ride to school with Anthony Fontaine - more to come!

5.3: Staff Appreciation Week (Info. coming from Home and School)

5.4: Optional Family Life Parent evening

5.10: State testing week, ELA, Grades 3-5

5.17: State testing week, Math, Grades 3-5

5.21: 4th/5th Grade Coloma - Thank you families for your support

5.24: Parent for Racial Equity Series evening

5.31: Memorial Day

6.10: 5th Grade Graduation and final day of school (1:20 and 1:30 dismissal)

THANK YOU CYNTHIA KREDO: We want to officially thank Mrs. Kredo, our long-term substitute for John Peregoy, for her outstanding work with his class this year. She once again stepped in and supported the Lions with extraordinary care, joy, and professionalism while Mr. Peregoy was on leave. We wish her well as she takes her instructional gifts to the Albany district, East Bay, to close out their year.


WELCOME BACK MR. PEREGOY: On that note, we are all very excited about John's return this week. He has been in constant communication with Mrs. Kredo during his time away so the transition back will be smooth. We look forward to having his joyful presence back on campus!


VERY THOUGHTFUL ARTICLE ABOUT HAPPINESS: I encourage you to take a moment and read this article from the Atlantic. It hit home for me for sure! If it does not open for you open Google and write, Don't wish for happiness, The Atlantic. Very, very interesting read and especially at this time. Love this paragraph...


"In truth, happiness requires effort, not just desire. Focusing on your dissatisfaction and wishing things were different in your life is a recipe for unhappiness if you don’t take action to put yourself on a better path. But if you make an effort to understand human happiness, formulate a plan to apply what you learn to your life, execute on it, and share what you learn with others, happiness will almost surely follow..."

TALKING TO CHILDREN ABOUT THE VERDICT AND RACISM: Like all of you, I have been deeply saddened, elated, uncertain, troubled, hopeful, and moved in so many ways about the verdict last week. As a white man of extraordinary privilege in this county of Marin, I will never ever fully comprehend or imagine what the outcome of this trial means to those who have experienced and continue to experience the effects of internalized, institutional, and interpersonal racism but I am every day, learning and augmenting my awareness.


Among my learnings:

1. Continue educating and examining how racism has shown itself through history. Read. Listen. Watch. Adjust. Engage.


2. Listen when people of color speak about their experiences, not just when white people speak about the topic. It is one thing for people like me to get together and talk about injustice, but it is an entirely different moment when engaging people of color who experience that injustice. Listen. Ask questions. Listen. Understand.


3. Have open conversations with your children about racism. This is not always easy but I have included several articles below as a start. With my own son, I go where he leads. He asks questions and I ask them back. "What do you think?", "What does privilege mean to you?" Why do you think the same projects in Marin City have remained there while everywhere else around, new construction is underway" and dozens more like it. The conversations are striking. Listen. Model. Ask questions. Scaffold. Learn.


4. Openly call out and reject white privileges you see or experience. This is difficult with friends and family but nothing changes while we passively do nothing. Your children are watching. They are listening. They are following your lead. What you do, they will learn and they will do. 

Thoughtful articles related to the verdict and talking with your children about racism.

PBS, Never too young to learn about diversity


New York Times, Opinion piece "How I am talking to my kids..."


USA Today, Experts in child psychology say it's important for parents to talk with their children about racism broadly, and about the Chauvin trial specifically. 


NPR, Talking Race with Young Children 

* Don't shush or shut them down if they mention race.

* Don't wait for kids to bring it up.

* Be proactive, helping them build positive awareness of diversity.

* When a child experiences prejudice, grown-ups need to both address the feelings and fight the prejudices.

*  You don't have to avoid topics like slavery or the Holocaust. Instead, give the facts and focus on resistance and allies.


Chicago Tribune, The 10-Year-old girl who witnessed the event and courageously testified is writing a children's book about how to be brave and make a change. 


This recent story of one of my good friends and colleagues, Tenisha Tate-Austin, Principal at Miller Creek Middle School, puts into perspective, the every-single-day struggle people of color face, sun up to sundown. 

ART SPECIALIST NOTE: "Don’t forget to join Ms. Winter this week as we create wishes for the world on wooden hearts to hang from our new Wish Trees on campus! Here is the video lesson. I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful wishes! Enjoy!"


WALKATHON: I would like to thank Franco Ruggeri and Sandy Stern for their great work with our Walkathon this year, and for carrying out the pie tossing event for our top class earning winners. A super fun morning for all on Friday. This week, I will honor my commitment to our children for earning beyond what we were hoping for and so, will be coloring my hair Green for a day. Stay tuned for that day.


CHROMEBOOKS AND IPADS: This week we are collecting Chromebooks and their cords. It is very important you return them back to the classroom by the dates listed above. We loved sharing them out but we now have to run checks to makes sure your kids can use them in the classrooms.* Note: If your family needs one of the devices to continue with art and PE check in with your teacher.


5TH GRADE GRADUATION: We are happy to announce that we are holding our graduation on June 10th, 11:00 am, outside on the grassy field. There are several details associated with this event as we, along with the rest of the county and state graduating classes, are closely following the State Department safety guidelines. Our 5th-grade instructional team will be reaching out to other families interested in joining the planning and theme setting of the event.

10 important guiding principles we are implementing across all three of our elementary schools.


1. The number of participants per graduate is limited to 2 household members only, 2 chairs per graduate.


2. Social distancing remains 6' at all times unless within your own family of course. This includes families 6' from other families, graduates 6' from one another.


3. No food or water will be served at this event.


4. Masks are required at all times.


5. Each family will have a designated space to sit within. We are working on these details. 


6. There will be designated entry and exit routes to the event.


7. Students will be speaking at the event with microphone spritzing between each speaker.


8. We will be asking families to RSVP in advance to their teachers, what two members will be attending. We also understand that there are separated/divorced families and will work with those families, case by case.


9. Diplomas will not be handed out on stage, rather passed to students ahead of time.


10. When the event concludes, we ask that all families make their way back to their automobiles and head home rather than congregating on campus.


Additional details will be revealed as we learn more from our health leaders. I know many of you were hoping to have other family members attend from other households, counties, cities, and states, but save that for the Middle School, High school, and college graduations. I share this with you now so you can prepare.

FAMILY LIFE PARENT EDUCATION EVENING: An optional parent night has been scheduled to understand the 5th-Grade Family Life program more fully. The Parent Information Meeting is set for Tuesday, May 4th from 6:00-7:00 p.m. (zoom link) and is intended for parents only.


OPEN HOUSE CANCELLED: For many reasons, our Open House has been canceled this year. Safety first.


FIELD DAY: Sadly, we will not be hosting our K-5 Field Day due to safety precautions. We cannot mix classes and would not want to take that risk when we have come so far. We are looking at something for our graduating 5th-grade class possibly. Stay tuned.


MILLER CREEK STUDENT ORIENTATION: On Friday, Tenisha Tate-Austin, our fantastic Middle School Principal, and her small but mighty team visited our 5th graders to share a bit of what is to be expected for next year. Most of the meeting was facilitated by three students, two of them former LVE lions! Very cool peeps!


CONGREGATING ON SHASTA AND IDYLEBERRY: One more request from our families. We thank you for being super awesome with heading off-campus after and before school. Having said that, for those hanging out on that corner by the crossing guard, it would help families trying to pass, if you could slip into that tree-lined park area so other can safely pass. Thanks and just watching out for all.


5TH GRADE FAMILIES: Remember that elective selections are due on Friday 4/30/21 by 12 pm. You can find the Electives options towards the end of the document that Principal Tate-Austin sent to all of you. If you have any technical questions, please email Mrs. rogers at



Lucas Valley’s Virtual Talent show is coming!  Creative “Lion Toks” should be 1 minute or less, showcasing our amazing student talent! Look for an email on Monday from the Home and School Club with directions on how to submit videos.


And in case you missed the pie tossing video, here ya go!

IS THERE STATE TESTING THIS YEAR: Yes but...We have been granted a waiver from the state and will not be administering the State CAASPP test. Instead, we will administer our local STAR ELA and MATH exams. We are preparing as we speak and appreciate that waiver at this time. Many thanks to Superintendent Becky Rosales and Assistant superintendent, Kristy Treewater, for their diligence with this one. A big win for our 3rd-5th grade children.


4TH AND 5TH GRADE MUSIC SCHEDULES: 3rd-grade music class remains asynchronous throughout the year


4th-grade music (on-campus): Tuesdays, 11:00-11:30

4th Grade Remote Academy: 1:50-2:20

5th-grade music (on-campus): Thursdays, 8:30-9:00

5th-grade Remote Academy: Thursday, 2:00-2:30


SIGNING UP FOR HOT LUNCHES: Please create or update an account at and place your lunch order. All meals must be ordered by 10:00 Tuesday of the week before. If you need help, please contact Roxana directly at

SITE COUNCIL LAST WEEK: Our team worked with the Single Plan for Student Achievement, the document that lays out a plan with specific goals for the 2021-2022 school year. We reviewed several key actions associated with each of the following 3 broad goals:


1. Conditions of Learning: Building the necessary infrastructure that supports access to programs for all students, especially our most vulnerable students.


2. Student Outcomes: Increasing academic achievement in mathematics and English language arts for all students with a focus on narrowing the achievement gap for English learners, students receiving special education, Hispanic/Latinx, and socioeconomically disadvantaged through best-practices in personalized learning and a multi-tiered system of support.


3. Engagement and Wellness: Increasing connectedness for students through social-emotional learning, campus inclusion, and wellness.


Together, we noted reflections and questions for each. This feedback will most certainly help in our planning for the 2021-2022 school year. Many thanks to our site council parent and teacher team for their work with this.

COUNSELING TEAMYes! They meet with students on Mondays and Fridays on campus. Amandy Speedy and Megan Jones are our counselors and we are ever grateful!


STUDENT REGISTRATIONInterested in having your child joining The Pride? Link to registering your child at LVE or any of our 4 schools. Kindergarten enrollment will be open to students who will be five years old on/or before September 1st. Check-in with our secretary, Teri Edell, who can help answer questions and get you ready.


2021-2022 SCHOOL CALENDAR: Link to 2021-2022 student calendar. We are aiming for a full return in August! Very excited and hoping that might include assemblies and parent volunteers as well. Stay tuned!


LUCAS VALLEY DIVERSITY EQUITY INCLUSION  TEAM: The following principles continue to guide the path for our site team:

  • Promoting and celebrating diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in a variety of ways including school-wide gatherings, cultural events, workshops, parent education, and community conversations.

  • Providing all members of the community with a supportive space and the tools to learn about, discuss, and ask questions about issues and topics related to diversity and identity.

POETRY CONTEST WINNERS: Below are our two winners this week for our Library Poetry contest, Sofia and Rayna! Congratulations to them both!

COMMUNITY RESOURCES: You can always access our local community flyers by visiting the Community Resources page on the Miller Creek School District website. This week we have new information related to Summer Crest, 2021


SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL - SAFETY: Want to share the joy and confidence of cycling with your kids? Students, parents, and guardians are invited to learn bike riding skills together at an INTERACTIVE, live webinar on Thursday, April 29, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.  This free zoom workshop will help prepare students ages 7 through 11 for road riding, giving parents tips for how to ride with their youth. Families will learn bike and helmet fit, navigating the road legally and responsibly, and how to build confident, safe cyclists based on age-appropriate development.  


Sign up here.  Once you sign up, we’ll send you the zoom link. We look forward to seeing you.  Questions? Please contact

SUICIDE PREVENTION AND AWARENESS FOR PARENTS AND TEENS: One of the most tragic impacts of Covid-19 is the alarming increase of suicidality among kids and teens. Congregation Rodef Sholom invites you to a vital conversation with Tim Lea, Suicide Prevention Outreach Director at Buckelew Programs in Marin County to learn how to recognize the signs that your child—or one of their friends—might be thinking about suicide and what to do about your concerns. Parents will learn how to approach your teen and how to make and implement a safety plan with them. Teens welcome.


Suicide Prevention Awareness for Parents and Teens

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 • 22 Iyar 5781

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Click  HERE to register and receive the ZOOM link.   

For more information please contact:  Congregation Rodef Sholom/(415) 479-3441.



Celebrate Mother Earth by visiting our Can Do!-funded Gardens at each school site and experiencing nature through art in this marvelous art lesson by Laura Winters!

2021-22 Family Giving Campaign is open now!


In preparation for a more traditional school experience in the fall, Can Do! is accepting donations for the 2021-22 Family Giving Campaign now!


Now is the time to look towards the future and start preparing for a new school year that will hopefully look more familiar to us all.  

While the specifics of the Can Do!-funded programs are still being planned, we do know the intention of the District is to bring back as many programs and activities as possible.  Elementary programs like:

  • K-2nd Grade Music & Movement Specialist and Supplies @ each site

  • Elementary Physical Education Specialist and Supplies @ each site

  • Elementary Art Specialist and Supplies @ each site

  • K-5th Grade Social-Emotional Support

  • Technology

  • Environmental Sciences via site gardens

In order to fully restore these programs, we need to start raising money today. Please consider donating early! Click here to donate online or here to print out a 2021-22 remit

Top 5 Reasons to Give Early:

  1. Donate in May and spread your 2021-22 payments out over 14 months.

  2. Be first to get your 2021-22 Can Do! car magnet.

  3. Donate the full ask amount ($600 per student) by June 30th to get a free calendar highlighting elementary students’ artwork and pre-populated district dates.

  4. Your early commitment to Can Do! helps secure funding to fully restore programming for all students next year.

  5. Be a part of the community that values excellence and equity in education.

Did you get your jump rope last week? Check out Coach Paoli’s classroom video for jumping tips!


Looking for a rewarding volunteer experience?

Can Do! is looking for Can Do! Ambassadors at each site.

Please contact us at or click here for more information.



How do I volunteer with arrival and drop-offs?

If you are vaccinated and would like to help in the front of the school with arrivals and departures, we would love to have you. To do so, be sure you are vaccinated, send a photo of your vaccination information to Teri and me, and sign up here


When do I arrive and depart?

1-5: Group 1 arrives between 8:05 and 8:15 and dismisses at 2:00.

K: Group 1 arrives between 8:05 and 8:15 and dismisses at 1:20.

1:5 Group 2 arrives between 8:15-8:25 and dismisses at 2:10.

K: Group 2 arrives between 8:15-8:25 and dismisses at 1:30.


Can you explain the social distancing guidelines again?

Between children, the distance is 3' in the classroom. Having stepped into a recent public health meeting, the 6' distancing rule still applies to playing outside, walking around campus between adults and adults, between adults and children, and when eating.


Did Someone Test Positive for Covid-19?

If someone in your immediate household tests positive for Covid-19, please email any of the three folks below

•Susie Urquhart (LVE Health Specialist):

•Mr. Anderson (Principal)

•Teri Edell: Secretary

Where do I go for information regarding vaccinations?

Click here, Marin Health and Human Services page, for the latest information regarding vaccinations, eligibility, and where to go.



Covid related Documents to review

Travel Guidelines, March 30th

Orange Tier Decision

MCOE data site  This includes the status of all Marin County Schools, School status Dashboard, Blueprint for a Safer Economy (Tiers), and Cases by their rate in California.