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The Pride Family Letter, May 10th, 2021
Posted 5/9/21


Sunday, 5.9

MOTHER'S DAY - Bring that love to our superstar Mothers Today!


Monday, 5.10

STAR testing begins for English Language Arts, grades 3-5


Short District Equity Survey heading out to all families. Please do take a moment to open this very important survey. It contains incredibly important information/questions that will most certainly help point our equity needle towards areas of need - THANK YOU!


Tuesday, 5.11

STAR testing continues for English Language Arts, grades 3-5


Last day to order school lunch for next week - Process below


District Board Meeting, 6:00 pm - agenda includes reporting out on Equity Working Group, 3-year curricular plan, Re-opening Schools, Middle School Math Pathways as well as Extended Learning Opportunity Grant to support our schools, Policy Revisions and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) update - Zoom Link


Wednesday, 5.12

STAR testing continues for English Language Arts, grades 3-5


National Bike to School Day - Riding with Anthony Fontaine starting at 7:30 (Miller Creek School Tennis courts, near the fire department and Marin Wood swimming Pool - Map below)


Professional Development Day - Last day for our entire district teaching staff in the area of writing. We use our Wednesdays for this work and are grateful for that time. Teachers will be walking away with valuable strategies and approaches to this important area of learning.


Thursday, 5.13

STAR testing continues for English Language Arts, grades 3-5


Announcement of our Consistent Achiever award winner - Each year we provide two students in grade 5, an award and recognition for their perseverance, work ethic, and for being an active force in their own learning. Stay tuned for those names in the next letter. Very proud of them and very excited!!


Final Site Council Meeting, 3:30 pm - Appreciations for those heading off the team after serving two years, reviewing the Site Plan, and thinking about goals for next year. We will soon share the number of openings for next year and in August welcome those interested in joining.


Friday, 5.14

STAR testing concludes for English Language Arts, grades 3-5


Spirit Day - STAY TUNED!!



5.17: Star testing week, Math, Grades 3-5

5.17: Family Life week lessons, Grade 5

5.21: 4th/5th Grade Coloma virtual event - YES!

5.21: Last day for class placement request

5.21: Can Do Donation Day - preparing for next year!

5.24: Parent for Racial Equity Series evening

5.24: Star Test Make-Up exams, grades 3-5

5.31: Memorial Day

6.2: Home and School Club Meeting, 7:00 pm

6.7: 5th Grade Field Day - details to come

6.10: 5th Grade Promotion, 11:00 am - Details to come

6.10: Final day of school, Report Card Distribution (1:20 and 1:30 dismissal)

8.19: 1st Day of School, 2021-2022


Just wanted to say thank you to all of our amazing families who took the time to bring in a flower, share an appreciation, and supporting our staff in the way you did this past week. It was super important for them to feel that and although you show that each week, as a very interesting year draws to a close, it was especially important. We are all very lucky to have one another, a caring empathetic team of human beings!


Special thank you to Franco Ruggeri, Home and School President, and his team who spent many hours planning for lunches and creative ideas to bring love to our staff! This team rocks!!


Another special thank you goes out to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team! Last week was our final meeting of the year and it was a productive one. More information about that below but appreciations to Alex Stadtner, Ali deGuia Bumgarner, Emily Shaw, Alonya Van Rooyen, Amanda Havel, Barrett Schaefer, Emily Shaw, Jason Lau, Jonathan Eldridge, Katie McDonnell, Kelly Phipps, Lindsey Kirk and Melissa Monterrosa for bringing your creative thoughts to our school this year. We are only getting started!



The Variety Show:

The deadline has been extended until Monday! 

It's SUPER easy - take a video of your kids doing something fun, then visit our online form with your computer or phone. A few taps and it's sent!


If you need some inspiration, we still have a list of ideas that you can reference on our website. We are excited to have this opportunity to come together and create some fun and engaging experiences for the kids. We look forward to seeing all the amazing “Toks”.


Teacher Appreciation:

Thank you for showing love to our teachers! The HSC was happy to provide lunch, breakfast, and See’s candies to the LVE staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. We love our teachers! 


Preparing for promotion:

If anyone has access to those chalk lines used on grassy fields, please let us know as we could use them for our graduation spots where families sit. Please check in with Sandy Stern at at





At our final Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meeting last week, we focused our efforts on resources and creative ideas to support these two important cultures. Some of those are listed below and I encourage you to take a peek! Lots to learn about.


We also gave attention to 2021-2022 ideas:


* Assemblies incorporating multicultural celebrations and learnings

* Guest speakers reflecting various cultures and lifestyles

* Cultural events through our Home and School team

* PBS episodes

* Consistent signage and quotes reflecting multiple cultures

* Thoughtful and relevant links to published pieces

* Traditional music on Fridays when they arrive and leave school

* Literature

* Understanding of our local history

* Shared recipes from around the world to try at home

* Museums 

* Movement through our CAN DO Physical Education teacher

* Art through our CAN DO teacher

* DEI, Site Council, and HSC blending personnel

* Augmenting inclusion overall - Special Education, Gender identity, etc.

* Opening meetings to all and providing folks who cannot attend, a place they can go to provide their input and creative ideas. Harnassing the skills of our community.

* Monthly calendar capturing cultural celebrations and recognitions throughout the year...and more! 


Look for announcements as we move throughout the remaining 23 days of school and into August. So excited about this team and getting things moving forward. And moving into live meetings next year!! Hoping! Believing!


Jewish American Heritage Learnings:

In our community: Chabad House of Marin

PJ Library: 10 classic Jewish recipes

Authors to consider reading: Judy Bloom 

Recipes: 10 Classic foods to try with your family

Paper Cutting: Try this with your children

Food: Best Jewish Delis in Marin


Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month:

Marin Library: Celebrating with your children How to celebrate with your children

Asian American Alliance for Marin: Virtual Forums

Video: History of China Camp

Authors to consider reading: Joanna Ho

Recipes: Try these delicious foods with your family


See attachment if the following does not work

1. Click this link to access the page

2. Copy and paste the following code: 1014431272952631

3. Sign up and follow the path to ordering

This will most certainly be a keepsake so order early! Thank you, Andrew Pang, parent superstar, for his leadership with this! Having created the memory books for 9 years at Mary Silveira, this is NOT an easy task. ROCK STAR!

STAR TESTING - What is this again?

Thanks to the work of our district office team, Superintendent Becky Rosales, and Assistant Superintendent, Kristy Treewater, our district was granted a waiver from the State due to the pandemic. While we still move forward with testing, we will instead use our District Assessment, Renaissance Star Program, one that our students have been using throughout the year to monitor progress and help teachers make informed decisions about their instructional programs. The components of our test address all language arts and math areas of learning, just as the state test does, so it is no different in that respect.


So what is the benefit of our shift this year, you ask? Our students and teachers are intimately familiar with the structure of the test and how to navigate the site. Believe it or not, with the state test, we give attention and provide training to staff and students about how to take the test in addition to the content.


With our local tool, students will now focus 100% of their energy upon the content, the questions, and what is being asked. Less anxiety and additional focus. This is a WIN for Miller Creek! 


Moving forward, every Wednesday is a ride to LVE day with Anthony Fontaine. Super cool seeing the Lion Pride thundering down Idyleberry. Great energy and a highlight of the week watching all of that happiness in a moment. Here is the link to last week's ride with a little music to help you groove - Thanks Rustie for the footage!


Here are the final dates for the "Lion Pride Rides": 5.12, 5.19, 5.26, 6.2, and 6.9. Mark those calendars, get those chains oiled and get ready for the musical ride of your life. 


United States Department of Education - Good job Marin! - Leading the way in California with vaccinations.


Our staff and I are beginning the process of planning for next year and designing classes based on enrollment projections. As per Board Policy, the teaching staff and principal share the responsibility for student placement. The teachers meet by grade level before the end of the year to develop classes.


Classes will be designed based on the following criteria: 


➢ The ratio of boys to girls

➢ Students with special needs

➢ Second language learners 

➢ Learning styles 

➢ Social/Emotional needs

➢ Citizenship 


Parent input will be considered if the input is based upon clear-cut educational or developmental needs (per board policy). All input must be received by May 21st and be in writing to the principal.


Accommodations will not be made to place your student in a class with a particular teacher or with friends and we ask that you do not include specific teacher names in your correspondence.


A family may have had a sibling in a class with a particular teacher previously but this is not considered a valid educational reason for placement. Each child’s needs are unique and because a brother or sister liked or disliked a teacher does not mean the sibling will have the same experience.


The key ingredient in this process is trust. You need to trust that we will do the best job possible in placing your child with all the information at our disposal. We do the best job we can because it is important to us that each child has the optimum chance for success.


Thank you for entrusting your children to us.


We are happy to announce that we are holding our graduation on June 10th, 11:00 am, outside on the grassy field. There are several details associated with this event as we, along with the rest of the county and state graduating classes, are closely following the State Department safety guidelines. 

10 important guiding principles we are implementing across all three of our elementary schools.


1. The number of participants per graduate is limited to 2 household members only, 2 chairs per graduate. Be ready for the RSVP communication from your teachers and respond in a timely fashion.


2. Social distancing remains 6' at all times unless within your own family of course. This includes families 6' from other families, graduates 6' from one another.


3. No food or water will be served at this event.


4. Masks are required at all times.


5. Each family will have a designated space to sit within.


6. There will be designated entry and exit routes to the event.


7. Students will be speaking at the event with microphone spritzing between each speaker.


8. We will be asking families to RSVP in advance to their teachers, what two members will be attending. We also understand that there are separated/divorced families and will work with those families, case by case.


9. Diplomas will not be handed out on stage, rather passed to students ahead of time.


10. When the event concludes, we ask that all families make their way back to their automobiles and head home rather than congregating on campus. Issues with transmissions will happen out in the community before and after the event due to family parties. BE CAREFUL. A situation just happened in Truckee, California, not due to schools, rather, activities post-school.


Additional details will be revealed as we learn more from our health leaders. I know many of you were hoping to have other family members attend from other households, counties, cities, and states, but save that for the Middle School, High school, and college graduations. I share this with you now so you can prepare.




As you may have heard, Can Do! is accepting donations for the 2021-22 school year now!   Can Do! will be on campus during drop-off times to answer questions, collect donations, and thank all our families!


Our goal is to have 10% of our families contribute to the 2021-22 Family Giving Campaign (FGC) by May 21st.  CAN we DO it?!


Donate (or pledge) online or submit a hardcopy remit to be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card (don’t forget to designate Can Do! Education Foundation on your AmazonSmile account).  


All families who have donated to 2021-22 FGC by May 21st are automatically entered!

Click here to donate online or here to print out a 2021-22 remit



“The Wishing Tree” is Art Instructor Laura Winter’s latest project.  Students are creating decorated hearts, with their wishes for the future, that will be hung on a tree at each school.  Make sure to look for the tree the next time you are on campus.



Five Little Monkeys will donate 15% of every pre-tax purchase to Can Do!  They have a unique selection of the best educational toys, games, and books for children.

  • Promotion is valid for purchases made May 15-31, 2021

  • Use promo code: CANDO2021

  • Free local delivery and free shipping on all orders over $150!

  • Free gift wrapping

  • Shop online or in-store at the Greenbrae and Novato locations



Please create or update an account at and place your lunch order. All meals must be ordered by 10:00 Tuesday of the week before. If you need help, please contact Roxana directly at



Interested in having your child joining The Pride? Link to registering your child at LVE or any of our 4 schools. Kindergarten enrollment will be open to students who will be five years old on/or before September 1st. Check-in with our secretary, Teri Edell, who can help answer questions and get you ready.



Link to 2021-2022 student calendar. We are aiming for a full return in August! Very excited and hoping that might include assemblies and parent volunteers as well. Stay tuned



You can always access our local community flyers by visiting the Community Resources page on the Miller Creek School District website. This week we have new information related to Summer Crest, 2021

A Note from Our Health Specialists


Allergy season is upon us and it is expected to be an above-average pollen count this year. If your student has seasonal allergies, please do the following:


1. Make sure "seasonal allergies" is listed in their medical history in AERIES.


2. Check with your doctor to find out if your child should be taking medication for allergy symptoms and/or should be taking different medications this year for allergy symptoms.


3. If your child is on a daily regime for seasonal allergies, be sure to stick to it.


4. If your child needs to bring any type of medication to school, even over the counter eye drops, for example, you must have your doctor fill out an Authorization to Administer Medication form and it must be kept in the office unless your doctor gives your student authorization to carry and self-administer the medication on the form. You can request this form from our Health Specialist, Susie Urquhart at


Some of you have asked about summer programs at our school.  Once again Lucas Valley Elementary will be the site of the Summer Crest summer camp! 


Summer Crest is a private organization not sponsored by the Miller Creek School District but Summer Crest has been a fantastic community partner!. It is a Can- Do Business partner in its 10th year at our school. For more information, please visit the site to learn more! Note that there are a limited number of camp slots available.


If you feel you may need a scholarship, please contact me and we will see what we can do to support you! 



Our county public health folks have expressed concern many times about the following should be adhered to carefully.  Just an FYI.


*Sports teams should ensure that students are only participating on one team.


*Sports teams must not travel out-of-state for competition. 


*Inter-county play should only occur in adjacent counties when the sport is authorized in both counties. 


*Sports teams should not participate in tournaments or events that involve more than two teams.



If you are vaccinated and would like to help in the front of the school with arrivals and departures, we would love to have you. To do so, be sure you are vaccinated, send a photo of your vaccination information to Teri and me, and sign up here


If someone in your immediate household tests positive for Covid-19, please email any of the three folks below

•Susie Urquhart (LVE Health Specialist):

•Mr. Anderson (Principal)

•Teri Edell: Secretary



Click here, Marin Health and Human Services page, for the latest information regarding vaccinations, eligibility, and where to go.



Covid related Documents to review

Travel Guidelines, March 30th

Orange Tier Decision

MCOE data site  This includes the status of all Marin County Schools, School status Dashboard, Blueprint for a Safer Economy (Tiers), and Cases by their rate in California.