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"The Pride" Community Letter, September 13th, 2021
Posted 9/12/21




Monday, September 13th

Event Free


Tuesday, September 14th

Event Free


Wednesday, September 15th

Yom Kippur

Start of Latin X Heritage Month


Thursday, September 16th

Yom Kippur


Friday, September 17th

Lion Assembly, 8:30-9:00 - Front office area

Spirit Day - Talk Like A Pirate Day/Island Wear day


Day 16 is in the books and your children are beginning to find their groove academically, programmatically (norms and procedures), and navigating newly developing friendships. From the Anderson Lens, highlights include your children beginning their official assessment work (continuing throughout the month), Mystery Science lessons, math, and reading groups, student presentations, building culture in classrooms, learning new recess lunch routines, and buddy classes. 


The icing on the cake...a dazzlingly well attended Home and School Meeting on Wednesday. I was in awe seeing so many faces gathered together with such positive and creative energy. Included were:

  • Our Can Do Specialists are working it! Laura Winter and Paula Duncan - Art!, Alex Wahl - PE, Amanda Morando - K-2 Music, and  
  • 3-5 Music program underway!
  • Book Fair updates (Shital Patel rocks!)
  • Outdoor classrooms (Erica, thank you for this continued ongoing work. Very much needed!)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Alonya, what a treasure you are!) 
  • Spirit wear (Alonya, what a treasure you....already said that!)
  • Volunteers at lunch (Too many to name but thank you all and we always need more so sign up, sign up and it is actually quite fun!)
  • Can Do update (thank you Leah, new LVE parent stepping right in with such grace and warm spirit!)
  • Garden updates with Rusty (sounds like a morning NPR show! More chickens? Yes!)
  • Safe Routes to School partnership, and more!

With the injection of a lively inclusive LVE parent community full of creativity and laughter and that "what-can-I-do-to-help" synergy, we are off to a most radiant start.


Special thanks to Franco Ruggeri, our Home, and School President, for setting the table this year!


Save the Date!! Opening Night of the Book Fair - Thursday, October 7 - Watch for information coming from our Home and School Team in the days ahead. THANK YOU SHITAL PATEL, our Book Fair Leader - Look for the Sign-Up Genius and how you can support. 



International Talk Like a Pirate Day is this Friday, September 17th. On this day we are encouraging our students to dress in pirate attire or any form of relaxed island wear. Perfect weather for this as well, right? Parents and caretakers, YOU TOO!! The day is always incredibly fun and entertaining and here are a few guidelines to help: 

  • It is not required to dress up and we don’t want you to go out and purchase anything
  • Eye patches can easily be made out of construction paper, fake mustaches with eyeliner and scarves make great pirate bandanas! 
  • No toy guns, swords, or weapons of any kind will be allowed at school on this day as well. 
  • We are safe explorer pirates who use our words and not weapons.  
  • Feel free to wear any other island/tropical island wear


1. Social-Emotional Support

As a reminder, our focus remains on the emotional welfare of our children moving forward. Our Goals remain:

  • Bringing joy to each and every moment we can. 
  • Developing partnerships with our community. Last week's Home and School Meeting was a great example!
  • Intentional focus on a new set of life skills that steer us back to ourselves and those around us. 
  • Incorporating aspects of an emotional learning evidenced-based program, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), to guide our work.
  • The hiring of Katrina Villena, site Counselor, to work directly with our teachers and our children. 
  • Lion Hearts are coming soon! These little gems will be passed out to students who show great fortitude throughout their days on campus. When we see or hear about someone engaging in our life skills, we will pass them out and recognize them at our assemblies! Our way of saying, THANK YOU!!

2. Academic Intervention Program (Above)

Our second goal for the year is to ensure all of our students are supported academically, wherever they are when they enter our LVE space. A few components:

  • We hired Julie McKeon, a full-time lead Intervention support provider, to lead a small but mighty team tasked with providing daily, intensive, small-group instruction, which supplements classroom literacy teaching.
  • Aparna Raja, our beloved intervention specialist, will be working alongside Julie supporting small group intervention 

  • Utilizing the Multi-Tiered System of Supports framework (MTSS), which, at a glance provides targeted support to struggling students through early intervention by way of early screeners (Our schoolwide assessments are currently underway)
  • Utilizing grade level, school site, and district teams to monitor and discuss students along the way.
  • In short, we are not waiting for end-of-the-trimester assessment results to determine needs and what action is needed. We will be using every resource to catch all students within our nets.


Click this link and you are in and bringing that joy and love to the campus!



Fire Safe Marin is excited to share information about the new Wildfire Watch TV show that is debuting September 16, 2021, at 6 PM on Channel 30, Facebook & on our Fire Safe Marin YouTube Channel.


Wildfire Watch TV trailer



A news announcement link is here 

Wildfire Watch TV Announcement 



Tuesday, September 14, 2021 ~ 1:00PM  

Zoom Link: 

*Webinar ID881 0893 8012                       

*Passcode: 151268                               

*Dial In: 408-638-0968


When: Daily, Mondy-Friday, 11:55-12:55 (lunch)


What: Watching students play, encouraging inclusiveness, and helping bring joy to the moment. 


Where: Blacktop


How: Send our secretary, Teri Edell - - your vaccination card (emailing is perfect) and access the signup genius coming to you from our home and school club this week. Then, grab a yellow or orange jacket and come hang out with us! 


Benefits: Seeing your children on campus, working with our dynamic staff, and playing an important role in our Lucas Valley transition.


Our first meeting is quickly coming up: September 23rd, from 4:00-5:00. At this initial gathering, we are bringing together all four sites in a unified moment to share practices, think about what is within our site scopes vs district action, and discuss our work ahead. A very intelligent way to kick off the year and very much in line with TEAMWORK. This meeting will be live or in our familiar Zoom format - Stay tuned. 


All of our newly designed life skills have been carefully discussed and aligned to this work and I deeply appreciate the efforts of our Home and School Team this year, making deep connections between Site Council, Home and School, and DEI. Truly a TEAM effort with ideas shared all around.  

AERIES Medical History

AEIES PORTAL UPDATES: Please update your student's medical history in AERIES. Especially if your student has any food restrictions (vegetarian or gluten-free) or food allergies. It is important for us to be able to look in your student's AERIES medical history to quickly find out if they have any medical or physical restrictions/conditions in order for us to keep them safe at school and to act quickly if they are allergic to bees, for instance.

This week your students began enjoying in-person Art, PE, and K-2 Music & Movement with the Lucas Valley Elementary specialists all funded by Can Do! These programs bring enrichment to your student's day providing them with a well-rounded education. The time your student spends enjoying these programs outside of the classroom also gives their teacher time to plan engaging academic lessons to help your student succeed and have a love of learning. 


These programs are not possible without your generous support and donation to Can Do! 


Thank you to the 67 LVE families that have already donated. Every donation matters, so please donate! 


Take a moment as well to check out our new Family Giving Campaign tracking tree outside of your school to see how we are reaching our $690,000 goal. 


Did you know the Can Do! Company Matching Gifts program is an excellent way to maximize your donation. Click here to find out more. 



Click this link to create an account for your child: Lunch Master, use the school code lucasvalley to register. Orders need to be placed no later than the day before by 10:00 am. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Roxana Ascencio at 415.492.3711. 



Click this link for the latest regarding the 32 point plan. This document resides on our website as well.



There are two informative and timely community updates scheduled next week with Dr. Willis and Dr. Santora, our Public Health Officers. Zoom links to both meetings are listed below:




Do your researchAre you planning on leaving Marin County during the weekend? It’s advisable to research the level of COVID-19 risk where you’re going. Being aware of how COVID-safe your intended destination is, masking requirements in place there, and overall restrictions your intended destination has against COVID-19 will help you plan accordingly.  


Choose outdoor activities: When choosing between an indoor activity or outdoor, remember it’s safer to remain in open-air settings. A picnic at a park, BBQ at the beach, or hiking in nature are pleasant activities people can do outside. Due to volatile air quality from northern California fires, staying close to the coast is recommended. If you are unable to be in areas with higher air quality, adjusting your plans to something at home may be the safest option.  

Avoid mega-events: Although Marin has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country, this doesn’t mean that we can attend large events without risk. The larger the gathering, the higher the risk of spreading or transmitting COVID-19. When it comes to gatherings, smaller is safer. 


Plan ahead: If you’re going out to dinner, think about reserving an outdoor table. Plan to be in places with better ventilation if possible. If you’re hosting a gathering or have been invited to one, be aware of the number of guests attending. Hosts should develop a plan for how they plan on receiving their guests and have the necessary supplies ready in order to keep everyone safe.  


Pack prepared: Remember to carry masks, hand sanitizer, and tissues. Rather than carrying your physical vaccination card, consider downloading a digital version of it onto your phone via the My Vaccine Record portal. Depending on where you’re going, packing more PPE (personal protective equipment) than you think you’ll need is advisable.  


Stay home if symptomatic: It may feel unfortunate to miss an event that you’ve been anticipating but staying home if any COVID-19 symptoms arise is the correct decision for you and your loved ones. 


Be aware, have fun: Being aware of social distancing, proper hand hygiene, and masking at all times is paramount. This step requires the least amount of planning and can give you and your loved ones a greater sense of security. Being aware can give peace of mind and set the stage to be thankful and enjoy whatever holiday activities you have planned.