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Lion Council (Site Council)

The School Site Council is a group of elected parents, teachers, and administrators who work to develop and implement the school's state-mandated and approved Site Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), Comprehensive Site Safety Plan, and contribute to the development of the LCAP.


The goals of the Site Council include:

  • Reviewing, revising, and assessing the school plan and determining action priorities

  • Reviewing and revising the Site Safety Plan - monitor schoolwide safety drills

  • Collaborate on setting goals and drafting the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) in response to student data

  • Promoting communication throughout the school community

Over the course of a year, a typical council might consider the goals of the school or district and then work with the principal to evaluate the school's progress toward those goals. In this evaluation, the council might consider school test scores, attendance, discipline records, parent surveys, and input from students.


2020-2021 Site Council


Sarah Holley - (Year 2)

Katie McDonnell - (Year 2)

 Jessica Hamman - (Year 1)

Hilary Knight - (Year 1)

Mike Moaveni - (Year 1)



Will Anderson– Principal

Chris Whitten - Teacher

Nicole Cunha - Teacher

Amira Shehaday -  Teacher

John Peregoy - Teacher


2020-2021 Dates

Meeting Dates and Agendas

9/10 - Agenda 9.10.20 - Minutes 

10/8 - Agenda - Minutes

11/12 - Agenda - Minutes

12/10 - Agenda - Minutes

1/14 - Agenda - Minutes

2/11 - Agenda - Minutes

3/11 - Agenda - Minutes

4/15 - Agenda - Minutes

5/13 - Agenda - Minutes

Site Council
Mike Moaveni
Site Council
Hilary Knight
Ste Council
Sarah Holley